Kondo Effect- What Kondo Effect Is, History, Research

-By Monika Rajput Kondo effect contributes to the abnormal scattering mechanism of conduction electrons in a metal due to magnetic defects. The electrical resistivity is low, increasing with temperature as the logarithmic temperature T is lowered log (T). It is sometimes more commonly used to describe multi-body scattering processes from impurities or ions, with low […]

THE EARTH IS SPINNING FASTER- Can we say Earth is in a hurry

-By Rohan Purohit If the year 2020 by any chance felt like a drag, you might be astounded to find it went quicker than you suspected … also, this year is set to be considerably speedier. The Earth has been turning abnormally rapidly of late, and July 19 saw the most limited day since records […]

Accelerating Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computing to the Speed of Light

-By Eniola Elizabeth Fase Artificial Intelligence (AI) is as of now a vital piece of our regular day-to-day existence on the web. For instance, search engines, for example, Google utilize intelligent ranking calculations, and video streaming features, for example, Netflix utilizes AI to customize film proposals. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is as of now a vital […]