2D material gives birth to a new form of Magnetism

-By Mridul Sinha A recent discovery of the study of superconductivity has brought us to a new horizon in the understanding of magnetic states. It reveals a strange phenomenon that occurs in the 2D world of quantum. A new type of magnetism has been discovered in the quantum world of 2D materials. A group from […]

What’s new in Black-Hole this month

Black holes are such dense points in space that produce deep sinks of gravity. Beyond a certain area, the mighty pull of the gravity of a black hole cannot escape even light. And when something goes too close, whether it be the star, earth, or spacecraft, is stretched and compressed as putty in a theoretical […]

Nanowire could provide a stable, easy-to-make superconducting transistor

-By Nikita Vijay Biliye Firstly, let us briefly discuss what superconductors are. Superconductors are substances or materials that conduct electricity with almost zero resistance. Superconductors conduct electricity when they become colder than a critical temperature. At this temperature, the electrons move freely through the materials without resistance. Hence there is no release of heat, noise, […]

Flexible Piezoelectric Crystal, a Latest Discovery by Researchers

-By Eniola Elizabeth Fase Piezoelectric materials are usually utilized in loudspeakers, sensors, guitars, and electric motors. For example, a piezoelectric pick-up is a piece of equipment utilized in an electric guitar to transform the vibrations from the strings into an electric sign, which is then processed for music recording or to be enhanced through loudspeakers. […]