Ayomide Esther Fase In a recent study, an international team of researchers, including those from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), discovered how a rare form of ferroelectricity occurs in some nanoscale materials. The team included Pavan Nukala, Assistant Professor at IISc’s Centre for Nano Science and Engineering (CeNSE) and former Marie Curie Research Fellow […]

Pixium Vision Develops A Bionic Vision System That Allows The Visually Impaired To See

Eniola Elizabeth Fase There are over 285 million people worldwide who suffer from vision problems. Everyone has cataracts by the age of 80, resulting in serious vision issues. However, every year introduces new advances in science and technology that enable us to combat these issues, and now, individuals with vision problems may have new hope. […]

Who built the ultra-low-loss integrated photonic circuits recently & why?

Lalit Koundaal Optical communication is not unfamiliar to at least the internet users. Encoding information to light and using optical fibers to carry the information faster at the lightning speed is an old normal.  Surprisingly, the consumers are looking for still faster internet! Now, this necessitates the hunt for material that can exhibit good optical […]

Taming the Simple Entropies for Complicated Molecules

Lalit Koundaal The Chemists of the University of Bonn, Germany have developed a computational tool for the analysis of conformational entropies of flexible molecules. The results are published in the journal Chemical Science and were highlighted as the “Pick of the Week” article. The University of Bonn is one of the eleven German Universities with six clusters […]