Unique features of a promising new superconductor discovered by researchers

A multinational team of scientists led by the University of Minnesota discovered that a specific superconducting metal is more resilient when used as a very thin layer. The research is the first step toward a larger goal of better understanding uncommon superconducting states in materials, which could one day be used in quantum computing. The […]

Russia is developing a hybrid electronic flying automobile

EVTOLs previously are, in essence, the automobiles of the future. Electric vertical takeoff and landing are referred to as eVTOL. These are vehicles that can go in the air, hover, and take off vertically. They can perform all of this while running on an electric battery, thanks to the electric part. Current battery restrictions have […]

Spacebok- The first four-legged robot set for the red planet

The robots of Mars, from the Sojourner rover, which arrived on the Red Planet in 1997, to Perseverance, which landed in February, have one thing in common: wheels. Rolling is significantly more steady and energy-efficient than walking, which is still a challenge for even the most advanced robots on Earth. After all, NASA doesn’t want […]

Xenobots 2.0: A new generation of living robots

Wasim Raza From clumps of stem cells derived from the African clawed frog, these tiny living machines can be described as somewhere between a living organism and a robot. Last year, researchers at Tufts University and the University of Vermont (UVM) created self-healing frog cells that moved around, pushed a payload, and even behaved collectively […]