Using microbes, a New Zealand start-up extracts solid gold from e-waste

Wasim Raza Every year, the world produces 50 million tons of e-waste – equivalent to 4,500 Eiffel Towers or 125,000 jumbo jets – produced from old computers, discarded screens, broken smartphones, and damaged tablets. As a rapidly growing waste stream, e-waste also contains metals important to tech that might become scarce soon. With our increasing […]

A near-magical mystery of Quasiparticles discovery by physicists

A quasiparticle is a collection of quantum qualities among particles working in their own, particle-like way. In contrast to fundamental bits of matter like quarks and electrons, quasiparticles are not part of the standard model. Furthermore, in contrast to neutrons, protons, or even atoms and molecules aren’t autonomous structures floating about all alone in free […]

Standard Model of Particle Physics

The LHCb collaboration has added four new exotic particles to the growing list of hadrons discovered so far at the LHC. The team announces the discovery of two tetraquarks with new quark content (cc̄us̄) in a paper published on the arXiv preprint server: a broader one, Zcs(4220)+ and a narrow one, Zcs(4000)+. X(4685) and X(4630), […]