Unique features of a promising new superconductor discovered by researchers

Eniola Elizabeth Fase A multinational team of scientists led by the University of Minnesota discovered that a specific superconducting metal is more resilient when used as a very thin layer. The research is the first step toward a larger goal of better understanding uncommon superconducting states in materials, which could one day be used in […]

DNA Jump Between Species – how detrimental or beneficial?

Horizontal gene transfer (HGT), also called lateral gene transfer benefits and it is being detrimental has been the subject of study for research. One theory that goes widely acceptable is that the rate of HGT was very high in the early stages of the prokaryotic evolution, the phenomenon known as Darwinian Threshold. Traditionally, genetics is […]

Uncover molecular growth pathways- Hydro-Carbon Chemistry of Universe

Gaurav Kumar Several organic chemists and astrophysicists have been involved in researching the origin of the benzene ring (C6H6), an effective, hexagonal molecule including a total of six carbon along with six hydrogen atoms bonded together. It’s been more than 50 years of research on this specific topic. According to astrophysicists, the formation of polycyclic […]

Full-loop Stern-Gerlach Interferometer

Gaurav Kumar Introduction The Stern-Gerlach effect can be defined as quantization of the special orientation of an angular momentum. It was discovered a century ago. Otto Stern gave the concept of the experiment in 1921 while Walther Gerlach conducted the experiment over his concepts and successfully discovered the Stern-Gerlach effect in the year 1922. The […]

‘Wandering Meatloaf’- A weird creature with Rare Iron Mineral in its teeth

Wasim Raza A new study shows a bizarre mollusk dubbed “wandering meatloaf” has teeth made of a rare iron mineral found only along the rocky coastline, according to the researchers. The giant Gumboot Chiton, also known as the Wandering Meatloaf, is the largest known species of chiton, a species of marine mollusk with an oval-shaped, […]

Linking Information with Aboriginal Memory Technique

Gaurav Kumar Introduction Linking information to some particular elements is a kind of recall technique that can be implemented for memorizing several items in a given sequence of order. It is popularly known as the linking technique as it involves the association or linking of the given sequence of ordered items altogether for recalling them […]

Computer-guided Retrosynthesis

Gaurav Kumar Introduction Computer-aided retrosynthesis is a milestone achievement in the career of chemists that unlock several gateways for implementing machine learning techniques for guiding molecules of any compound. Deep Blue technology developed by IBM defeated Garry Kasparov, world champion in chess in the year 1997. This opened the mind for several chemists to apply […]

Response of Water Molecule in an Electric Field

Gaurav Kumar Water is a very strange, weird, and extraordinary molecule, but still, it is very important for each and every living being and also non-living like soil and many others. The fact is that it is the most abnormal molecule found on the surface of the earth as well as below the earth’s surface. […]

A 50-year-old hypothesis has Resulted in the world’s smallest and best Acoustic Amplifier

Eniola Elizabeth Fase Sandia National Laboratories scientists have created the world’s smallest and most powerful acoustic amplifier. And they accomplished it with an idea that had been largely forgotten for nearly 50 years. The device seems to be more than 10 times more effective than previous iterations, according to research published in Nature Communications on […]