Hello, this is ‘Charlie’ – CIA’s Robot Catfish

-By Lalit Koundaal It all originated for military applications where human life or pilot’s life was considered as paramount and various options were being studied to save precious lives of pilots. This gave birth to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or drones which continue to keep us spellbound with the technological advances and vast applications on […]

Space Hurricane Confirmed to Have Occurred-What’s positive about it!!

-By Lalit Koundaal What ‘Nature Communications’ published on 22 Feb 2021 was something unprecedented from the space and never observed earlier. This time the scientists were able to see, otherwise invisible, the light-show of auroras up in the space. They could see it through the four satellites of the Defence Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP). These […]

Advancements in drones with time

With the change in time, the popularity of drones is growing day by day. Due to their potential to improve productivity and minimize labor loads and cost of manufacture, these mini pilotless aircraft have been invaluable to different industries and governmental organizations. In recent times drones playing a major role and helping humans to grow […]