About Us

With the vision of enriching the mind of each and every one who takes interest in learning, especially the youth, founder of Tech Thoroughfare Monika Sachan, who is having Master’s in Technology degree,CE branch along with many years of working experiences in IT companies. Her interest in reading and writing articles through research papers and articles encouraged her to come up with this whole idea,a simple yet effective way to impart knowledge to others as well. Apart from her focus on achieving her academic qualification, she  had a strong desire to help out anyone who is passionate about science, just like she is, and wants to explore and discover the secrets and amazing facts about science and technology.

The aim of our page is to provide information on science and technology and other related topics, and put it up in such an interesting way that you enjoy your reading and learning experience, and feel like gathering more and more knowledge. We like to help our viewers by covering numerous relevant and fascinating topics, and by broadening the horizons of science that we write about on our page.

We try to provide knowledge and information to as many people as possible, and we try and make it convenient to find, navigate and read through.

To keep the interface and layout of our page simple and easy to read from, we divide the topics and write- ups into categories, and name them accordingly along with a brief description of each topic. To keep it fun and interesting for our audience, we come up with innovative ideas and ways of sharing our content, such as, series containing related matter, fun facts, etc. We cover topics that are popular in order to kindle the spark and joy of reading in you, and also keep up with all the latest news and topics so that you can stay up to date with everything going around in the science world especially. If we are able to prove our page helpful to even some of you, we feel accomplished in our motto.

In building our page, we have also been able to build a great team within ourselves, and the content we write for you and the research we do for that, has also helped us grow as readers and people as well. Together we discuss what all possible matter can be useful to our readers and work accordingly. We urge you all to read more as well, in order to experience a world full of magic, that is the world of science and technology.

We believe that we can make the world a better place even with our individual efforts, and we want to reach everyone who will be benefitted by our page, and cover every topic that a reader would like to read and learn about.