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Whenever mathematics becomes a talking point, a famous name cannot be forgotten, Yes you are right Ramanujan the famous mathematician who shocked the world with his mathematic skills. He is often described as the king of conjectures as many unproven theorems were brought to life by his extra valuable efforts. Being born in a poor family couldn’t stop him from achieving great heights as at the age of 26 he arrived at Cambridge University with the help of Godfrey Hardy and John Littlewood to further proceed with his research work. Ramanujan can be looked upon as the greatest mathematician to don the Indian nationality.

 What is Conjecture Machine 

With the growing number of algorithms and constants, an idea evolved which proposed the use of these algorithms and constants by the means of a machine to get a higher accuracy dealing with numbers. This machine was made with the primary purpose of deriving more conjectures which can be brought to the world to be researched upon. With this invention, many theories came into existence that was left unnoticed or was left incomplete and research is still going on to prove this unfinished business. Several new constants and algorithms are introduced which puts light on the previous unfinished business. 

Ramanujan Machine

Conjecture the generator machine became more common and its capability in solving theorems reached its threshold but as it is said technology never stops evolving therefore with the saturation of conjecture the generation machine’s capabilities the new machine named after the famous mathematician Ramanujan was invented by the researches of Technion institute which involves the deployment of Artificial intelligence and computer automation system in conjecture machine. This advancement proved to be very effective as the introduction of AI made it very easy to handle mathematical constants which is the difficult part while dealing with numbers. All in all Ramanujan machine was the invention that was the need of the hour for excelling in the field of mathematical research.

How does this machine work

These complex machines are operated by highly trained engineers as it requires immense knowledge in the particular field. Ramanujan machine basically works as a concept than an actual machine. This machine is a network of computers including many algorithms highly dedicated to solving conjectures involving fundamental constants in the form of continued fractions. These fractions are defined as the fraction of infinite length where the denominator is a certain quantity plus a fraction, where a latter fraction has a similar denominator. The sole motto of this machine is to create conjectures which can be analyzed and solved by humans. Also to derive theorems that were never considered to be appropriate as they lacked solid backing by proofs.

Life before conjecture machines

Many geniuses have come and gone contributing a lot to this world but as we see we have gathered this lot of mathematical data and derived or non derived theorems, known or unknown constants, variables after a couple of centuries that too after immense dedication displayed by the mathematicians in the respective field. But the introduction of conjecture machines has changed fate as it has been recorded that it only took few hours for the Ramanujan machine to discover all the formulas for pi which were discovered by gauss over the lifetime. We have no intention of belittling the work done by these greats but the efficiency of the machine cannot be ignored as this rapidly growing world needs faster results and no other substitute can do so with much accuracy as this machine possesses. Therefore the transition from manually dealing with numbers to addressing the numbers with the help of machines is strange but innovative.

 Where can one learn about the Ramanujan machine?

With the invention of the conjecture machine and the Ramanujan machine, a question naturally arises in everyone’s mind which is how can we get access to knowledge about how to operate and how this machine works. Therefore to solve this query and to encourage younger mathematicians the researchers from Technion institute in Israel have already launched a website after the Ramanujan machine namely Ramanujan Machine.com where one can get access to the information on how the machine works and how the machine is operated in and out. This website gives access to various advanced tools for solving conjectures to inspire the young generation to take up mathematics as a subject of interest and excel in the field so that they can come up with new ideas or methods to solve or introduce new conjectures to the world. It has been noticed that even before any article was published on the website many students, amateurs, mathematicians had signed up to the website. 

What does the website name after machine offers

The website has many features to offer like the budding aspirants or mathematics enthusiasts who can contribute their ideas in evolving the Ramanujan machine. The website provides three options for people who have time to do maths firstly, People who don’t have time to do maths, and lastly people who can do coding. You can prove a conjecture discovered by the Ramanujan machine and get a formula named after you. And if you know how to code you can develop an algorithm to explore new mathematical structures and have an algorithm named after yourself. These are all innovative ways to increase the craze for mathematical researches and have worked very well in attracting a number of candidates enrolling themselves to the upliftment of the research.


Mathematics being looked upon as the foundation stone of basic knowledge skills has brought to the attention of many to explore this subject and this is the result that the world has witnessed some great mathematicians over the period of time. It is like a series of chains that after one great mathematician another great arrives with newer ideas and philosophies to finished the unfinished business of the previous one. Therefore the research institutes have never failed to encourage mathematics enthusiasts to excel in the research field as it has been the trend of the mathematics world to encourage aspirants.     

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