An Ordinary Microscope Can See Under Super Tension Due To A Light-shrinking Material

A device created by electrical engineers at the University of California, San Diego, enhances the resolution of an ordinary light microscope, allowing it to directly view finer features and details in living cells. A standard light microscope is transformed into a super-resolution microscope using this technology. It includes a specially developed substance that shortens the […]

The Fifth Ocean on Earth – Southern Ocean

Akash Kumar On June 8, World Ocean day a renowned map-making group National Geographic mapped the fifth ocean officially called “Southern Ocean”. The southern parts of the Indian, Pacific and Arctic oceans have always intrigued oceanographers and have been debated if that could be officially called an ocean. Is this a new discovery? It was […]

Proteins journey towards science and technology- Human Protein Atlas(HPA)

President Bill Clinton declared at the White House the first sequence of the entire human genome, and an arguably larger and more ambitious undertaking was being launched in Sweden. The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) vowed, through an open-access database, to catalog every protein in the human body, making the information fully free. Twenty years on, […]

Large Hadron Collider

Akash Kumar Origin LHC stands for the large hadron collider. The meaning hides in its name. Hadron means smallest subatomic particles held together by electromagnetic force and collider means the system which is made to cause a collision. The project started in 1998 and went live in 2008. It was initiated by the European Organization […]

The Future of Particle Accelerators

Particle accelerators at CERN helped us understand physics in a much better way, with its new discoveries and experiments. Although researchers at CERN believe that they have just scratched the surface. The Possibilities of particle accelerators are exciting to scientists as nobody up until now has been able to connect the missing link between the […]

‘Gods Particle’ Higgs Boson

Akash Kumar Stephen Hawking in “Starmus” (collection of essays and lectures) warned that “this particle could one day be responsible for the destruction of the known universe. “ In standard model of physics higgs boson is a highly unstable particle with zero spin, no electric or colour charge. How a particle with such properties can […]

Experiments at CERN

Akash Kumar There are a lot of experiments going on in CERN including the LHC experiments which got us Higgs boson.   Scientists from all over the world carry out experimental collaborations and research programs ensuring CERN covering wide topics of physics. Finding the answer to the questions unanswered and finding new questions with new […]

Unique features of a promising new superconductor discovered by researchers

A multinational team of scientists led by the University of Minnesota discovered that a specific superconducting metal is more resilient when used as a very thin layer. The research is the first step toward a larger goal of better understanding uncommon superconducting states in materials, which could one day be used in quantum computing. The […]

Russia is developing a hybrid electronic flying automobile

EVTOLs previously are, in essence, the automobiles of the future. Electric vertical takeoff and landing are referred to as eVTOL. These are vehicles that can go in the air, hover, and take off vertically. They can perform all of this while running on an electric battery, thanks to the electric part. Current battery restrictions have […]

Spacebok- The first four-legged robot set for the red planet

The robots of Mars, from the Sojourner rover, which arrived on the Red Planet in 1997, to Perseverance, which landed in February, have one thing in common: wheels. Rolling is significantly more steady and energy-efficient than walking, which is still a challenge for even the most advanced robots on Earth. After all, NASA doesn’t want […]