ISRO’s Spectacular Quantum Jump On Free-Space Communication

Lalit Koundaal Abstract Quantum Communication has attracted researchers from physics, mathematics & computer science since 1984 and 1991 when the first protocol for quantum cryptography came into existence. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) late last week (19 Mar 2021) went ahead in demonstrating free-space quantum communication over a distance of 300 meters. The demonstration took […]


rohanpurohit Death is inevitable. But applying scientific techniques into our godly made organic bodies we can try to avoid our senescence. This article is about the possibilities of being immortal. Here we will explore the different scenarios and their practicality in all possible ways. When we talk about being immortal there is a clash between […]


rohanpurohit INTRODUCTION As we all know that cells are the structural and functional unit of living organisms. They are the building blocks of the body. But what if this smallest unit of living beings started to grow unnaturally or never stops growing, sounds a bit strange? In simple words the cell is immortal, but there’s […]


rohanpurohit The planet never fails to amaze us in its ways. And with science, we can understand all the magic that nature throws at us with certain logic. The immortality that we all see in science fiction movies and read in books is a real phenomenon.  In recent year’s scientists have found many shreds of […]

The Amazing Science behind Cryogenics

What is Cryogenic? Low-temperature, frost-biology, or experimental majorly called cryogenics is a branch of physics that studies the application of extremely low temperatures and its applications. The origin of cryogenic is derived from the Greek word cryo, which means cold as snow. In this branch (−150 ° C, −237 ° F or 123 C) temperature […]

Hydrocarbon cycle

The hydrocarbon cycle in the ocean is a new phenomenon that scientists discovered not long time ago. The hydrocarbon cycle is a process of the smallest type of microorganisms that cleaning up the ocean from oil spills and understands the balance of life through the earth’s history. Hydrocarbon cycle is too technical term, let’s understand […]

Hello, this is ‘Charlie’ – CIA’s Robot Catfish

-By Lalit Koundaal It all originated for military applications where human life or pilot’s life was considered as paramount and various options were being studied to save precious lives of pilots. This gave birth to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s) or drones which continue to keep us spellbound with the technological advances and vast applications on […]

Space Hurricane Confirmed to Have Occurred-What’s positive about it!!

-By Lalit Koundaal What ‘Nature Communications’ published on 22 Feb 2021 was something unprecedented from the space and never observed earlier. This time the scientists were able to see, otherwise invisible, the light-show of auroras up in the space. They could see it through the four satellites of the Defence Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP). These […]

Advancements in drones with time

With the change in time, the popularity of drones is growing day by day. Due to their potential to improve productivity and minimize labor loads and cost of manufacture, these mini pilotless aircraft have been invaluable to different industries and governmental organizations. In recent times drones playing a major role and helping humans to grow […]