Rohan Purohit When the world was going through the pandemic of smallpox in the 18th century in the whole of Europe it was first seen by Edward Jenner that milkman was not getting infected by smallpox disease even after exposure to the infection for a long time. By seeing this Edward Jenner thought that something […]


Quantum gravity is a part of theoretical physics that describes gravity according to the quantum mechanics principle, and also describes circumstances where quantum effects cannot be disregarded, like in the black holes vicinity or similar compact astrophysical objects like the neutron star with strong gravity effects. Physics and experiment prove that there are four fundamental […]

String Theory: Advancement Throughout history

Discussion of quantum mechanics and field theory is primarily targeted at mathematicians, discussing subjects from classical and quantum mechanics and field theory. Topological quantum field theory captures the formal aspects of the integral path and illustrates how these principles can impact branches of mathematics that might not appear related at first glance. In the relation […]


Since the time Europeans found the platypus in the last part of the 1700s, the strange, duck-billed, semi-aquatic animal has astounded scientists for many reasons. Earth’s strangest warm-blooded creature lays eggs, sweats milk and has 10 sex chromosomes. There are not many creatures as unusual as the eccentric duck-charged platypus which lays eggs as opposed […]

For The First Time, NASA’s Perseverance Rover Creates Oxygen On Mars

NASA announced on Wednesday that it had achieved another extraterrestrial first on its new mission to Mars: turning carbon dioxide from the Martian atmosphere into breathable and clean, oxygen. On April 20, a technology demonstration took place, with the hope that future models of the experimental instrument used will pave the way for future human […]

Scientists get questions answered through Lucid Dreamers in Real-Time

Lalit Koundaal “I have these lucid dreams, Where I can’t move a thing”                                                  -Anonymous   The scientists have proved this wrong on Feb 18,2021. They said the lucid dream situation is advantageous and they have been able to move many things by talking to the dreamer, in real time, experiencing lucid dreams. Studying dreams […]

Iridium Surpasses Bitcoin Gain

The price of Iridium has surged up to 130% in the last three months surpassing the Bitcoin 81% surge. An increase in Iridium prices has shocked Battery making industries. Here in this article, you will know why this rare metal has gained so much value? Iridium is one of the least abundant Elements found on […]


Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now solve a mathematical problem, making science simpler. According to the researchers, these partial differential equations PDEs will aid in our understanding of how nature works. Due to their difficulty, the majority of differential equations are difficult to solve. Partial differential equations can be used in modelling everything from planetary motion […]

Who won the 2021 Abel Prize – Mathematician’s Pride?

Lalit Koundaal The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters decided to confer the Abel Prize for 2021 upon László Lovász belonging to the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest, Hungary, and Avi Wigderson of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, US. The winners will share the prize, worth 7.5 million Norwegian kroner (US$886,000). […]