Turning Science Fiction into Reality

Gaurav Kumar AirCar is a prototype of a flying car developed by Stefan Klein. On June 28, this prototype model successfully completed its first-ever flight time of 35 minutes from Nitra International Airport to the Bratislava International Airport that is about 80 km of distance as demonstrated by the Slovakian company, Klein Vision. This sports […]

Richard Branson, The Founder of Virgin Galactic, successfully reaches outer space

Virgin Galactic is a space tourism company that plans to provide paying clients suborbital flights into space in 2022. Richard Branson, a music entrepreneur, and British aerospace created the corporation. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic achieved a major milestone on December 13, 2018, when its VSS Unity test spacecraft reached space – at least, according to […]


Gaurav Kumar What are Rotifers? Rotifers are considered multicellular and microscopic organisms that dwell mostly in freshwater. Some of the species of the rotifers were also found in brackish water, saltwater, lichens, and damp mosses. They are also known as wheel animalcule that includes almost 2000 species in the phylum Rotifera. These organisms include a […]

Nickel-based Metallic Wood

Gaurav Kumar Natural wood is considered the most ubiquitous building material. This is because the strength to density ratio in natural wood is very high. It is a very interesting fact that the weight and height of trees are very high but still, it floats on the surface of the water. Several researchers and engineers […]

Image Encryption Scheme using 2-D Cellular Automata

Images are the most used multimedia applications that are used for transferring data in this modern era. These transferred images may contain some confidential or private information like some financial associated information of any company. Therefore, the most important thing regarding the storage and communication of information is its security. The image encryption scheme is […]

Dynamic piezoelectric MEMS-based optical Meta Surfaces

Optical metasurfaces (OMSs) are subwavelength-dense planar arrays of nanostructured components (commonly referred to as meta-atoms) that are used to regulate the local phases and amplitudes of scattered optical fields, allowing for subwavelength manipulation of radiation wavefronts. Free-space wavefront shaping, optical vortex production, adaptable polarization transformations, and optical holography are just a few of the applications […]

The new oxygenation lakes approach exhibits good results

A Lake Søllerød pilot project employed electrodes successfully in oxygenating a lake bed. In a large demonstration test, the approach should now be tested. Around 75% of all Danish and European lakes present the problem of oxygen depletion and algae, mostly due to the miserable habits of wastewater discharging with high phosphorus contents directly into […]

An extortionate ransomware attack targets businesses for $70 million

Wasim Raza The latest crippling cyberattack on the United States has been claimed by a group of Russian hackers, who demanded $70 million in bitcoin to restore the data of 200 U.S. companies and hundreds more worldwide over the holiday weekend. Earlier, REvil posted the demand on a dark website affiliated with the Russian-language group […]

Bees immortal Army – Breaking the cloning rules!

Researchers have made this strange discovery while observing South African Honey Bees. In their findings, they discovered a single honey bee which has cloned itself hundred of million times over the course of thirty years. The army is possible because of the perennial cloning activity of the South African Cape honey bee (Apis Mellifera Capensis) […]

Windows 11: The next generation of Windows

Wasim Raza The world’s most popular desktop operating system Windows 10 has been largely unchanged for the past six years, but a major overhaul is underway with Windows 11. Despite Microsoft proclaiming Windows 10 to be the last version of Windows. The Windows-using world-at least some of it has something to cheer about after a […]