Measures That Will Enhance The Security Of Your New Business

Monika Sachan Technology is a powerful thing. For instance, obtaining a certificate from a DoD CyPS (Department of Defense Cyber Scholarship Program) can help enhance knowledge of cybersecurity to increase business protection. It can add extra layers of security to your business’s online data as well as your business’s physical space.  Furthermore, not only can […]

How Technology Can Help You Advance Your Career

Monika Sachan Technology isn’t just making our lives easier; it also helps us advance our careers by making it easier to connect with new opportunities. The world of work is changing fast. Disruptive new technologies are creating tremendous opportunities, while rapidly evolving markets and new business models force existing companies to adapt or pivot to […]

Updating your macOS? Beware of these Issues!

The latest version of macOS Monterey is 12.4, and even though it has gone through extensive testing, problems seem to exist in the official release. The recent upgrade moves Universal Control out of beta, supports new firmware for the Studio Display to enhance webcam quality, and introduces podcast episode download controls. Besides these, Monterey provides […]

Dark Energy- A force in opposition to Gravity

Monika Sachan The unknown force that causes the expansion rate of our universe to increase rather than slowly over time is known as dark energy. This is the polar opposite of what one might predict from a universe that started with a Big Bang. Physicists are still baffled by dark energy’s fundamental nature, despite the […]

The Nature Of Dark Energy

Monika Sachan As this NASA chart shows, dark energy makes up around 70% or more of the universe, about which we know very little. The actual structure of this dark energy remains a mystery. It is known to be extremely uniform, not particularly dense, and not to interact with any of the fundamental forces besides […]

Scientists May Unexpectedly Have Discovered Dark Energy

Monika Sachan Dark energy, which scientists believe is responsible for the universe’s accelerated expansion, has never been actually observed or measured. Instead, scientists can only speculate about it based on its impact on visible space and matter. Finding verifiable evidence of dark energy’s influence on distant objects — even the geometry of space itself — […]