Updating your macOS? Beware of these Issues!

The latest version of macOS Monterey is 12.4, and even though it has gone through extensive testing, problems seem to exist in the official release. The recent upgrade moves Universal Control out of beta, supports new firmware for the Studio Display to enhance webcam quality, and introduces podcast episode download controls.

Besides these, Monterey provides Mac users with powerful features for creating distinct user experiences. Some of the key enhancements and features of this macOS version include the following:

  • FaceTime upgrade. Users can now apply Portrait mode to their calls, the new grid view makes it easier for participants to see everyone on the call, Android or Windows users can join FaceTime calls via a link, and users can switch between Wide Spectrum and Voice Isolation microphone mode during audio calls, etc.
  • The Live Text feature lets users highlight and copy text via the viewfinder.
  • The Focus Mode ensures users aren’t easily distracted when they are working. You can create specific profiles to limit specific notifications when completing tasks on your Mac.
  • The Shortcuts app finally comes to Mac.
  • The Safari Tab Groups feature is added so that you can organize the tabs and make your Safari browser appear neater.

Other such wonderful features are added to Monterey, and it can enhance your user experience. So, if you are thinking of updating your macOS to this latest version, you must be aware of the problems you might face. Stay prepared with the fixes so that updating macOS doesn’t become a nightmare. Let’s take a look.

Issues Downloading the Software Update

You might face issues while downloading the update. The reason might be slow download speeds due to lost connections or lack of space on your system.

If you run into such issues, check your Internet connection and ensure it is stable. You can connect an ethernet cable to your system and speed up the download.

If the problem is a lack of space, you must clear the hard drive by deleting all the large files and attachments. Look for duplicate files and remove them. Send the important files you cannot delete to cloud storage. Also, don’t forget to empty the Trash. Then, restart the download process.

Fans are Noisy after the Update

Some users have reported the fans becoming noisy after updating to macOS Monterey. The problem might be because your system is working hard to make the necessary changes after upgrading the operating system. Some functions would be to re-index the Finder and update all the applications. Hopefully, the fans will return to normal after a few hours once the entire update process is complete.

If the problem persists, go to the Activity Monitor and check CPU usage. Your system works the hardest when it is running intensive applications. You can close some of those applications to reduce the fan noise.

Battery Life Issues

Do you notice a rapid battery brain after moving your macOS to the latest version? While it might be hardware-related, most battery-related problems are related to the operating system. Check if the battery needs replacement. The problem might also be caused by an application consuming too much battery and system resources.

Some possible fixes to this problem are restarting your Mac, updating your applications, resetting the NVRAM/PRAM, resetting the SMC, and checking the battery history usage.

Bluetooth Giving Problem

Is your system’s Bluetooth acting up? You can try a few things to fix this problem. You can try switching off the Bluetooth and turning it back on. If this does not work, remove the Bluetooth devices from your system. Go to the Bluetooth icon and click on the Bluetooth preferences. Then, click on the device and delete it. You have to start the pairing process again to use those devices. When doing this, pair the devices individually to understand which device is creating the issue.

You might have to delete the plist file if you cannot work with Bluetooth. Launch Finder > click Library > go to the Preferences folder > find the file named com.apple.Bluetooth.plist > move this file somewhere else or delete it > restart your system and try reconnecting.

FaceTime Problems

If you cannot receive or make calls on FaceTime on your Mac after upgrading to Monterey, ensure Apple is not having any service issues. The issue is at your end if the app has a green symbol.

Check if your system is connected to Wi-Fi and if the Internet connection is stable. You can restart your Mac to resolve the issue if your Internet connection is stable. You can also check for updates and if you find any, install them. The updates should have bug fixes, and they should fix the problem.

The Bottom Line

Beware of the issues mentioned above when upgrading to macOS Monterey. The solutions mentioned will help you overcome these obstacles and normally work on your system.






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