Seven Reasons to Choose Cloud Computing

Monika Sachan Whether you are running a business or you are working from home for a business, you will understand that the competition in your industry is fierce. Many businesses need to start leveling up on security and on digital management to ensure that they are ahead of the curve. Computer technology used by larger […]

3 Small Business Tasks You Can Outsource

Monika Sachan Small business owners have countless tasks and responsibilities to take care of. At times, it feels as though there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. Finances could be tight, however, so you mightn’t be able to afford to hire another employee. That’s where outsourcing comes in. A practice involving […]

Researcher’s demonstrated the world’s first international holographic teleportation

Monika Sachan In earlier times, teleportation was limited to science fiction literature and movies. Researchers are working to make this idea of teleporting possible. Quantum teleportation can transfer information between two quantum particles as mentioned by the EPR paradox by physicist Einstein and his colleagues.   Transfer of information from one place to another is […]

Gravitational wave astronomy and dark matter really exist?

Monika Sachan LIGO and gravitational wave detector detects the gravitational wave, and this gravitational wave effect helps to find the dark matter’s properties with the help of the Pulsar technique. These are all types of observations taken by gravitational wave astronomy and there is the other type of black hole researchers haven’t yet seen, but […]

LIGO and gravitational wave detector

Monika Sachan LIGO and gravitational wave detectors are both used to detect gravitational waves. LIGO is a large-scale observatory in the USA that detects the cosmic gravitational wave and a change in distance between 1/10,000th width of a proton. Scientists are building the prototype tabletop detector to capture gravitational waves at higher frequencies than LIGO […]

Looking at gravitational waves with the black matter?

Monika Sachan Gravitational waves are an interruption in the curvature of space-time, generated by high masses that propagate waves at the speed of light. It is an invisible ripple of the fabric in space-time was discussed in 1916 by Albert Einstein in published his theory of general relativity which established the modern perspective of gravity […]

Making Your Money Work Better For You

Monika Sachan Everyone on Earth wants their money to go as far as possible. Some people will want more money, while others won’t, but everyone wants to see that each bill in their wallet or purse gives them more value. We are creatures of value, so it’s only natural that we like getting more for […]