Seven Reasons to Choose Cloud Computing

Monika Sachan

Whether you are running a business or you are working from home for a business, you will understand that the competition in your industry is fierce. Many businesses need to start leveling up on security and on digital management to ensure that they are ahead of the curve. Computer technology used by larger companies was never usually available to small businesses, but it’s available now. 

As you may already know, cloud computing is storing data and applications over the Internet. This means that businesses that used to have giant data centers and rooms no longer have those rooms. There is no need for a full IT service to walk into the manager’s computers in a separate closet in the building. The cloud has changed the way that we work and it’s changed where we work. A cloud host desktop moves the current environment that sits under your desk into a virtual machine safely stored in the cloud. It means that your information is safe, and it means that it won’t be the hat, so if a disaster should happen you’ll be able to recover it.

In fact, you use cloud computing every time you look at your social media accounts or you save your photos on your phone. In the past, the largest enterprises had the money to invest in a huge IT infrastructure which included the cloud. But the cloud-level playing field and companies of any business size can now store information at the remote data center rather than on-premises – and this changes the game.

You might be asking yourself is cloud storage safe, but it’s a question that you need not worry about. The cloud enables you to do large-scale business at a much lower cost and much quicker, and it can also improve the quality of service that you can offer your customers. Let’s take a look at seven very valuable reasons that you should start looking at the cloud as your method for your business.

  • Saving money. The very first reason to start looking at the cloud as an option for your business is money. You want everything to be as low-cost as possible when you are trying to run a business and keep everything balanced, so if there are ways that you can save the money that you are spending, then why wouldn’t you do it? Given that the cloud takes up so much less Real Estate, and it takes up a lot less energy, you’re going to immediately save money on your office rent and your energy bills. Cloud-hosted desktops can provide you with scalable computing power without having to have the huge requirements you previously had. This gives you significant savings.
  • Insecure. In the beginning, cloud adoption wasn’t as secure as it is right now. Just because you can’t see the physical data center your information is stored, it does not mean that it’s insecure. Cloud IT service providers actually provide high levels of data integrity and security and anything else because they make huge investments in the technology and the resources that they use. Along with the skilled team of engineers and IT experts, smaller businesses can’t afford that by themselves. With the cloud, they can’t afford that level of security.
  • Ease of connectivity. The cloud can keep users connected no matter where they work. For businesses who are happy to engage in remote working, they can cost a wider net when searching for talent and give their current employee somewhere to be able to work without having to commit to the office. That’s all thanks to the cloud because users are able to share in the cloud no matter where they are.
  • Fewer risks. Another security point here is that there are fewer risks of using the cloud than there are of having a data center that can be accessed by anybody in or out of the business. There’s a bigger reduced risk of data loss, allowing you to be able to trust the cloud with your information.
  • Faster deployment. One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is that services can be deployed within just an hour. Instead of the strategic planning on buying and building and implementing an internal IT infrastructure, which can take years, the cloud can be done pretty much straight away which saves you money and streamline your service
  • Easier collaboration. If you want to expand your business worldwide, do you have the ease of collaborating with people in other countries simply because you can access the same information from opposite sides of the world? Cloud computing can really help to increase your efficiency that way.
  • And lastly, after migrating to the cloud you will be much more efficient.


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