A miraculous baby Dinosaur embryo has been recently discovered in China

Scientists have discovered a beautifully preserved dinosaur embryo there in the process of hatching from its egg, precisely like a chicken. All birds are descended from theropods, a family of two-legged dinosaurs that includes the colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as the minuscule Velociraptors. Dinosaurs of the same species are also known to have perched […]


Aman Kumar NASA’s next-generation space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, launched successfully after nearly two and a half decades of planning and preparation. The spacecraft was sent into orbit atop a European Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s principal launch facility in French Guiana, South America. The launch of JWST into orbit took only 26 […]

NASA Makes First Visit to the Solar Atmosphere, Bringing New Discoveries

A spacecraft has reached the Sun for the first time in history. NASA’s Parker Solar Probe now has collected particles as well as magnetic fields throughout the Sun’s upper atmosphere, known as the corona. Introduction The latest achievement is a huge step forward for the Parker Solar Probe as well as a giant leap forward […]

Nikhil Srivastava, an Indian Math whiz, recently solved a very complicated 62-year-old problem for which he received a prestigious prize in the United States

Nikhil Srivastava, an Indian math whiz, and two others have just resolved a 62-year-old puzzle. Their work has been recognized with a prestigious award in the United States. Let’s say you’ve been working on a math problem for decades and then you and your colleagues haven’t been capable of resolving it. A computer scientist comes […]

China built the world’s largest antenna using earth as the base station

To communicate with submarines patrolling thousands of kilometers distant, China has launched the world’s leading antenna. This antenna is also being utilized to improve civilian-military communications. This antenna’s specific position is unknown, however, it is thought to be somewhere in the Debei Mountains, a designated natural reserve that spans Anhui, Hubei, and Henan provinces. China’s […]

Researchers perfectly trap 25,000 Dice in a Cylinder

This method, known as ‘compaction dynamics,’ has a wide range of applications in industry, and scientists have long explored the best methods to pack different granular materials using gravity. Dice, it turns out, are the greatest item you can pack, though in a somewhat unique manner. Non-spherical objects were used to test the compact dynamics. […]

The first-ever tiny self-reproducing robots: Xenobots

What are Xenobots? According to research published in the scientific magazine, Xenobots are indeed the world’s foremost self-reproducing living robots. They were initially presented in 2020 when studies discovered that they might migrate as well as join together. They are made from the stem cells of such an African-clawed frog. According to experts, Xenobots are […]

A new Physics is on its way using the Large Hadron Collider

Introduction Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) recently discovered some strange data that might indicate a completely new force of nature, opening up a whole new field of physics. According to the study idea, the key is indeed an enigmatic, unstable particle known as a B meson, which is not biodegradable. The standard […]