Folding Electric Bike is the new revolution

Wasim Raza Electric bikes combine pedal power with motor power, giving users unprecedented control over how they ride. City riders love electric bikes, which take the sweat out of commuting and errands, and foldable e-bikes are even better. Fold down your bike and tuck it neatly out of the way whenever you’re at home, on […]

Solving Nuclear Waste issue using Diamond batteries

The two most important problems to address in this world are waste management and the search for better energy sources. A solution to both of these problems is addressed through a single innovation by a California-based company called Nano Diamond Battery (NBD). That could lead us one step closer to the ever-coming sustainable future. The […]

Transplantation of organs from animals into humans

Recently a pig kidney is transplanted into a human without any significant immediate rejection by the recipient’s system. The whole process was done at NYU Langone Health in New York City involving the use of a pig whose genes had been altered so that its tissues no longer contain a molecule responsible for triggering instant […]

Portable Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Power not for destruction, this time – to power the world. While there is clamor around the Globe over the huge power requirement for Bitcoin farming and the colonies being set up to meet the future demands of having everything on blockchain technology, the new ways of generating power are also being thought of […]


ABSTRACT In the recent decade machine learning has become an integral part of the system, they can process and analyze large amounts of data in a matter of minutes which will take an eternity for humans. The compilation of data is so efficient and accurate that they have become an integral part of the whole […]

The Brain-Mapping in animals regarding the 3-D Structures surprises the Researchers

Introduction The brain is a very complicated organ that is mainly composed of billions of neurons. Neurons communicate with and transmit signals to and from every area of your body. Electrical impulses generate brain waves, and these signals are electrical impulses. The brain map (also known as a neuro map) is a useful tool for […]

Japan successfully demonstrated Shockwaves as a propellant in rocket engines

A shock wave, like any other wave, contains energy and may travel through a medium, but it is distinguished by a sudden, almost discontinuous change in the medium’s pressure, temperature, and density. A shock wave is a powerful pressure wave generated from supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, and other events that cause rapid pressure changes in […]