Mass Extinctions of Earth

Gaurav Kumar Mass extinction can be defined as the rapid reduction in the biodiversity of the planet. The extinction of huge verities of species rapidly is because of catastrophic natural event or changes in the environment that is not possible for adaption by several species. Life on earth has recovered at most five mass extinctions […]

The Development of a New Method for Generating and Controlling Orbital Angular Momentum Beams

Artificial spin ices (ASIs) are known as magnetic metamaterials with unique properties dependent on their geometries. Many physicists have been studying these materials in recent years because their peculiar properties may be useful in a variety of applications. A mechanism for achieving switchable X-ray orbital angular momentum (OAM) in ASI magnetic systems has recently been […]

Researchers prove the Existence of the Imaginary Part of Quantum Mechanics

The imaginary component of quantum mechanics can be observed in action in the real world, according to an international research team that includes scientists from the UW Centre for Quantum Optical Technologies (QOT). The findings of the study were published in the journals “Physical Review A” and “Physical Review Letters.” For nearly a century, physicists […]

Plasma Therapy To Treat COVID-19 Is Now “off label”

Removed from ICMR’s Official Clinical Guidance: COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of receding and this makes the researchers carry on with their search for effective treatments. Among the few such effective treatments, Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) was the first promising therapeutics considered to counter the wrath of COVID-19. What’s Plasma Therapy? In simple terms, when […]

China’s Mars Rover lands on the Red Planet

China’s Tianwen-1 spacecraft has completed the riskiest step of its ten-month mission by dropping its lander and rover — called Zhurong after a Chinese mythological god of fire — in orbit around Mars. The Tianwen-1 mission was the first to send all three elements to the planet: an orbiter, a lander, and a rover. Although […]

Black Fungus-adding more darkness to the COVID-19 recovery path

Lalit Koundaal Not to undermine the fact that the fungi are important decomposers in the ecosystem, without fungi the decaying organic matter would accumulate. Nowadays the same fungi have become a challenge to dispense with.  Along with COVID-19, there is one more disease that is being talked about and this is Mucormycosis, popularly known as […]

Simple Robots, Smart Algorithms: Meet the BOBbots

Wasim Raza Anyone who has ever had a child knows that it is nearly impossible to control multiple children at once. Researchers have had difficulty getting swarms of robots to work together unless they carefully choreograph their interactions, like airplanes in formation, with increasingly sophisticated components and algorithms. With the robots on hand, however, basic, […]

Beating the minuscule drums to solve Quantum Weirdness

Lalit Koundaal The physicist, Shlomi Kotler, and his team of collaborators in an experiment at the US National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado, built a pair of vibrating aluminum membranes. By playing these two tiny drums, the physicists have demonstrated that quantum entanglement works not only for subatomic particles but for larger […]

Effective discovery of organic semiconductors

Prior-to-synthesis virtual discovery has long been inspired by the vastness of chemical spaces. In parallel research, promising candidate molecules or materials for further research are often sought out and classified based on a limited number of quantities deemed representative for the intended use. For first-principles computational screening approaches, it is common to measure such descriptors […]


A solar cell does not transform all of the sunlight that strikes it into electricity. In fact, two-thirds of sunlight’s energy is lost in solar cells. Half of the energy lost is attributable to a process called “hot carrier cooling,” in which high-energy photons lose their excess energy as heat before being transformed to electricity. […]