How can we compare two shapes with the help of topology?

In topology, the most difficult issue is determining whether two forms are equal. Except for Euclidean geometry, which would be concerned with measuring distances among points on a form, topology is concerned with the uniformity & continuation of certain geometrical characteristics. It’s simple to sort a collection of forms. Triangles in their pile, circles here, […]

A new Windows bug may make it extremely easy for hackers to deploy Rootkits across all Windows-based devices

Aman Kumar Eclypsium’s cyber security experts discovered an unpatched weakness in Microsoft’s Windows Platform Binary Table (WPBT). This issue, which has been affecting every Windows-based system since Windows 8, may be used to implant a rootkit and also negotiate device integrity. Furthermore, these vulnerabilities render every Windows machine vulnerable and dangerous, making it easy for […]

The new optical transistor accelerates computation by up to 1000 times while using the least amount of switching energy possible

 A multinational team of researchers led by Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (Skoltech), a private institute in Moscow, Russia, and International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), a leading American computer manufacturer with a sizable market share both internationally and domestically produced a highly energy-efficient optical switch that might substitute electrical transistors for a new generation […]

Neuroscientists study the neural structure of recurrent networks in the brain

Wasim Raza The University of Wyoming researchers picked each other’s brains, so to speak. They examined the importance of the frontal cortex, which is responsible for expressive language, judgment, and voluntary movement. They discovered that these functions are carried out by recurrent neural networks, or RNNs. Qian-Quan Sun, a UW professor of zoology and physiology, […]

Alphabet’s project “Taara” for hi-speed internet

Aman Kumar Worldwide internet traffic is expected to increase by 24% each year. Fiber-optic cable can accommodate this increase in demand, but deploying a large fiber network may be challenging. Planning and constructing trenches to install lines may be time-consuming and expensive, and difficult terrain can make expansion virtually impossible. Because it’s difficult to install […]

Vinata Aeromobility hybrid-electric flying car

Aman Kumar “Vinata Aeromobility hybrid-electric flying car includes an advanced parachute ejection system along with an airbag-equipped cockpit that provides mind-blowing safety for the passengers.” “This new hybrid flying vehicle is 1100kg in weight and can take off with a maximum weight of 1300kg.” With businesses all over the globe rushing to debut their flying […]

LaMDA, A Conversational AI & Computation to accelerate human progress

Wasim Raza The ability for AI systems to understand what you say and respond has advanced, but you still have to speak literally and clearly to prevent them from being confused. LaMDA is a new language model that Google has been developing that’s better suited to following natural conversations instead of searching through bad queries. […]

Altos Labs’ Anti-Aging Biotech Project is now funded by Jeff Bezos

Aman Kumar As you increase the number of rotations around the sun, fine lines, wrinkling of skins, grey hair, and creaking bones may begin to annoy you. Scientists are currently attempting to address one of biotechnology’s most pressing questions: how might biotechnology be used to make humans younger? Altos Labs wants to convert adult cells to […]

The world’s number 2 chemical is produced by combining sunlight with wastewater nitrate

Researchers at UIC are developing a long-term electrochemical device that combines a solar cell with a liquid solution in a well. Nitrates via wastewater mostly in liquid solution are transformed to ammonia during charging. Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago recently developed an electrochemical solar energy reaction which not only uses wastewater to manufacture […]