Dynamic piezoelectric MEMS-based optical Meta Surfaces

Optical metasurfaces (OMSs) are subwavelength-dense planar arrays of nanostructured components (commonly referred to as meta-atoms) that are used to regulate the local phases and amplitudes of scattered optical fields, allowing for subwavelength manipulation of radiation wavefronts. Free-space wavefront shaping, optical vortex production, adaptable polarization transformations, and optical holography are just a few of the applications […]

The new oxygenation lakes approach exhibits good results

A Lake Søllerød pilot project employed electrodes successfully in oxygenating a lake bed. In a large demonstration test, the approach should now be tested. Around 75% of all Danish and European lakes present the problem of oxygen depletion and algae, mostly due to the miserable habits of wastewater discharging with high phosphorus contents directly into […]

An extortionate ransomware attack targets businesses for $70 million

Wasim Raza The latest crippling cyberattack on the United States has been claimed by a group of Russian hackers, who demanded $70 million in bitcoin to restore the data of 200 U.S. companies and hundreds more worldwide over the holiday weekend. Earlier, REvil posted the demand on a dark website affiliated with the Russian-language group […]