Tesla registered its office in India

Ultimately the prolonged hold back of astounding electric car advancement has arrived in India. The messenger who made it possible and has the mind-blowing charisma in the prevailing scenario is Elon Musk with his bewildering company, TESLA. According to sources, Tesla will start its company by establishing a research and development (R&D) unit in Bangalore. […]

In a mission to find the Lost Black Hole

-By Rohan Purohit Yes, you got it right; a black hole is missing from the center of the galaxy. This all started when NASA announced on its social media handles that a black hole found in the galaxy Abell 2261 is now missing completely. No telescope can found it and the situation is very concerning […]

Satellite Mega Constellation

A satellite mega-constellations is referred to as a group of artificial satellites performing as a system. A constellation can give lasting worldwide or close to worldwide coverage, with the end goal that whenever wherever on Earth, in any event, one satellite is visible. Satellites are regularly positioned in arrangements of reciprocal orbital planes and interface […]