Flash Ultra-high-dose Rate Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Radiotherapy is a foundation of both therapeutic and palliative cancer care. In any case, radiotherapy is seriously restricted by radiation-induced toxicities. In the event that these toxicities could be reduced, more doses of radiation could be given consequently encouraging a better tumor reaction. Initial pre-clinical examinations have shown that irradiation at dose rates far surpassing […]

Technologies that Could Enable Human Expeditions

Einstein’s General Relativity theory field equation state that faster-than-light (FTL) travel is feasible, so a small bunch of scientists is attempting to see whether a Star Trek-style warp drive or maybe a sort of artificial wormhole, could be made through our technology. However, regardless of if shown possible tomorrow, it’s feasible that plans for an […]

Graphene as Carbon-based Overcoats

Gaurav Kumar Introduction There is a rapid increase in the generation of daily data in our modern technological age where data is considered everything. In 2016, the annual data generation was about 16 ZB/year and in 2025, it is expected to be as much as 163 ZB/year. There are lots of devices that are being […]

Full-loop Stern-Gerlach Interferometer

Gaurav Kumar Introduction The Stern-Gerlach effect can be defined as quantization of the special orientation of an angular momentum. It was discovered a century ago. Otto Stern gave the concept of the experiment in 1921 while Walther Gerlach conducted the experiment over his concepts and successfully discovered the Stern-Gerlach effect in the year 1922. The […]