How To Get Your Health Tech Business Off The Ground More Quickly

Monika Sachan You’ve decided that you want to start a health tech related business. You have the experience and background in health technology to rely on and you have a business concept that you think would be interesting to explore, however, it seems like the entire process of getting things set up and off the […]

6 Easy Ways to Start Expanding Your Branding Company Right Away

Monika Sachan Starting a branding company can be highly profitable, but it is essential to remember that success does not happen overnight. It takes hard work, dedication, and a lot of elbow grease to get your company running. That being said, there are some things you can do right away to help expand your branding […]

Saving and Investing: Key Steps to Take

Monika Sachan Times are hard right now. Many of us are facing the cost of living crisis and finding that we are falling short financially or having to really tighten our belts. As inflation rises – particularly essentials such as fuel, energy, and food, we are finding that our disposable incomes are reducing and that […]

Why Investing In Cutting-Edge Technology Is Good For Your Employees

Monika Sachan There is no denying the significant effect that technological advancements have had on the business sector. Technology has altered every facet of the business, from communication to organization to productivity. The question is, what about the employees? When it comes to their jobs, how can they benefit from the most cutting-edge tech? In […]

What to Ask when Buying Pre-Owned Tech Online

Monika Sachan You can take a gamble when buying pre-owned tech online from poor retailers. So always stay vigilant and ask many questions when buying something secondhand. Here are a few. Check if it Comes with the Required Accessories Modern electronics and tech stuff need specific accessories. When you buy something pre-owned, it might not […]

What It Means For Businesses To Have An Online Presence

Monika Sachan Having an online presence for your business is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity. In today’s digital age, you’re missing out on a vast pool of potential customers if you’re not actively marketing your business online. Not only that, but you could be losing money to your competitors who are using […]

How Can You Boost Sales With The Correct Perks For Customers

Monika Sachan If you run a business of any kind, finding ways to entice customers and encourage them to keep coming back is crucial. Offering the right perks can make a big difference, and it’s worth taking the time to tailor these benefits to your clientele. Providing an enjoyable experience and special incentives can help […]

Top 5 Mathematical constants that blow your mind

Introduction What if I say people of 21 century are still trying really hard to figure out the unsolved riddle of “Mathematical constants”. In 2010, a Japanese engineer and American Computer enthusiastically broke the record by calculating nearly 5 trillion pi digits. It turns out there are so many constants that are significant and interesting […]


By Rohan Purohit Cloning usually means producing one thing of the same kind using complex biotechnological and genetic engineering. Before 2 to 3 decades the thing that looked like a dream to many was done in reality when dolly was cloned successfully in 1996. After that, there has been no stopping in the process of […]