Tactics Businesses Can Incorporate To Help Physical Workers Recover

Monika Sachan When it comes to health in the workplace, we think so much about the sedentary parts of working we don’t pay attention to the physical aspects. There are many professionals who have physically demanding jobs, from construction workers to truck drivers that undertake long-haul journeys. This is why it is important that, in […]

Business Connectivity: It’s Crucial for the Future

Monika Sachan You have to think about some of the best ways of being able to connect your business and stay connected in the future. This is something that has a massive impact on the way you are able to run the company, as well as thinking about the key elements that can help you […]

Tesla registered its office in India

Ultimately the prolonged hold back of astounding electric car advancement has arrived in India. The messenger who made it possible and has the mind-blowing charisma in the prevailing scenario is Elon Musk with his bewildering company, TESLA. According to sources, Tesla will start its company by establishing a research and development (R&D) unit in Bangalore. […]

Know Where The ‘Brain-Eating’ Amoeba Is Found, How It Enters The Brain, Symptoms

-By Monika Rajput While the US remains a country severely affected by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a new deadly disease has begun to spread its footing there. Novel Coronavirus cases are continuously growing in the US, meanwhile, the spread of this new disease has increased the concern of scientists, doctors, etc.  It is […]


-By Rohan Purohit INTRODUCTION For beginners to understand ions are charged atoms. They don’t have an equal number of protons and electrons. They may either be positively charged (cations) or negatively charged (anions). Cations- here proton number is more and electron number are less. Example -Calcium (Ca2+), Potassium (K+), hydrogen Anion- here proton number are […]

3-D Atlas of Universe: Reconnoitering Beyond Imagination

Exhilaration accompanied by jaw-dropping conjectures is conventional whenever a thought of cosmology rushes across the neurons of our brain. What we can vaguely observe in an open sky with bare eyes, let’s say Sirius (brightest star), constellation, satellites, and a few planets if you luck out.  But whether we are able to comprehend the stretch […]

Future prospects of DRDO

The Defence Research Development Organisation is ready to set up new Labs in order to prepare Indian armed forces for future Hi-Tech warfare. The strategic and tactical defence capability of the country is all set to get a boost with defence research and development organisation (DRDO) as it all set to establish 5 Laboratories in […]

Ongoing projects of the Defence Research Development organisation

DRDO has developed various capabilities in the vast area of the country for defence technologies and has been evolved as a powerful defence and R & D hub over a period of time. Today the organisation with the help of its critical strategic defence technology and numerous state of the art weapons in the field […]

How DRDO is making Indian defence stronger

Along with Tata Advanced Systems Limited and Bharat Forge Limited DRDO has developed the ATAGS howitzers and is of the belief that it is capable to fulfill the Indian army requirement of 1800 artillery gun systems and also claim that it is the “Best gun in the world”. The Indian Army required 150 ATAGS and […]

Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)

The defence procurement manual 2020 As of today when the country is looking for self-reliance in various defence Technology so our Defence Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh has come up with the new version of Defence procurement manual 2020, On October 20, 2020, as according to him it is the perfect time to take this step. […]