Altos Labs’ Anti-Aging Biotech Project is now funded by Jeff Bezos

Aman Kumar As you increase the number of rotations around the sun, fine lines, wrinkling of skins, grey hair, and creaking bones may begin to annoy you. Scientists are currently attempting to address one of biotechnology’s most pressing questions: how might biotechnology be used to make humans younger? Altos Labs wants to convert adult cells to […]

The world’s number 2 chemical is produced by combining sunlight with wastewater nitrate

Researchers at UIC are developing a long-term electrochemical device that combines a solar cell with a liquid solution in a well. Nitrates via wastewater mostly in liquid solution are transformed to ammonia during charging. Researchers at the University of Illinois Chicago recently developed an electrochemical solar energy reaction which not only uses wastewater to manufacture […]

Scientists observed First-order Phase Change in Nuclear Matter

Eniola Elizabeth Fase The Science When protons and neutrons “melt,” new data reveals that they go through a “first-order” phase transition—a kind of stop-and-go change in temperature. This is comparable to how ice melts: energy raises the temperature first, then the temperature remains constant during the transition as the energy changes a solid into a […]

Role of mRNA in cancer treatment

Aman Kumar With both of the existing Covid-19 vaccinations authorized for essential use by the FDA, the potential for mRNA treatments has been emphasized by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. However, mRNA’s promise extends beyond that, including the treatment of various viral illnesses, genetic disorders, and potentially cancer. Cells utilize mRNA to convert DNA to proteins, […]

Making methane from Carbon Dioxide: Carbon capture grows more affordable

For a long time, scientists have been interested in converting the global-warming chemical carbon dioxide into something of a useful fuel. Several scientists and researchers are wrangling with how to conserve hydrogen, which is an excellent energy transporter. Carbon dioxide reacting with hydrogen to form methane, a fuel, is a technique to kill two birds […]

An innovative polymer coating for transplanted organs

Organ transplantation is a very important part of biomedical engineering through which a very severe life could be saved by replacing their damaged organ with a healthy one that is being provided by a donor. The donor, in this case, may be a brain-dead person or a living person that gives the organ, and the […]

Shark baby born to a female-only tank could be an extremely rare occurrence

Wasim Raza A shark born to females in an all-female aquarium in Italy may be the first of its kind. An Italian outlet reports that the baby smoothhound shark, named Ispera – that means hope in Sardinian – was born at the Acquario di Cala Gonone in Sardinia, Italy. This is the first documented case […]

A new approach to information transfer reaches the quantum speed limit

Gaurav Kumar Despite the fact that quantum computers are still a new technology that isn’t ready for widespread usage, researchers have been looking into the theoretical limits that would constrain quantum technologies.  Researchers have revealed that the speed at which quantum information may be transmitted via any quantum device has a limit. Lieb-Robinson boundaries are […]

Inflammatory Diseases and Age Clock

Inflammatory diseases are a very big concern in this modern world where people die with a very short life span as compared to the prior generation of people. Inflammation is considered a vast array of disorders like transplant rejection, preperfusion injury, inflammatory bowel diseases, glomerulonephritis, coeliac disease, autoimmune diseases, asthma, and allergies. The biological age […]