3 Ways Science And Technology Are Improving Society

Monika Sachan Science and technology have benefited society in many ways by constantly providing new tools, methods, and insights to help improve how things are done. This result has impacted various sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, business, and healthcare. For instance, the development of new medical treatments, materials, and technologies has significantly impacted the quality of […]

Gravitational wave astronomy and dark matter really exist?

Monika Sachan LIGO and gravitational wave detector detects the gravitational wave, and this gravitational wave effect helps to find the dark matter’s properties with the help of the Pulsar technique. These are all types of observations taken by gravitational wave astronomy and there is the other type of black hole researchers haven’t yet seen, but […]

LIGO and gravitational wave detector

Monika Sachan LIGO and gravitational wave detectors are both used to detect gravitational waves. LIGO is a large-scale observatory in the USA that detects the cosmic gravitational wave and a change in distance between 1/10,000th width of a proton. Scientists are building the prototype tabletop detector to capture gravitational waves at higher frequencies than LIGO […]

Looking at gravitational waves with the black matter?

Monika Sachan Gravitational waves are an interruption in the curvature of space-time, generated by high masses that propagate waves at the speed of light. It is an invisible ripple of the fabric in space-time was discussed in 1916 by Albert Einstein in published his theory of general relativity which established the modern perspective of gravity […]

Dark Energy- A force in opposition to Gravity

Monika Sachan The unknown force that causes the expansion rate of our universe to increase rather than slowly over time is known as dark energy. This is the polar opposite of what one might predict from a universe that started with a Big Bang. Physicists are still baffled by dark energy’s fundamental nature, despite the […]

The Nature Of Dark Energy

Monika Sachan As this NASA chart shows, dark energy makes up around 70% or more of the universe, about which we know very little. The actual structure of this dark energy remains a mystery. It is known to be extremely uniform, not particularly dense, and not to interact with any of the fundamental forces besides […]

Scientists May Unexpectedly Have Discovered Dark Energy

Monika Sachan Dark energy, which scientists believe is responsible for the universe’s accelerated expansion, has never been actually observed or measured. Instead, scientists can only speculate about it based on its impact on visible space and matter. Finding verifiable evidence of dark energy’s influence on distant objects — even the geometry of space itself — […]

Quantum tunneling in space is thought to have led to life on Earth

Life on Earth is the consequence of what can only be characterized as cosmic teleportation, according to a group of scientists who just released a study. Humanity has long attempted to unravel the enigma of how life began on our planet. But what if we’re just here now because the cosmos is deceiving us? If […]