Quantum tunneling in space is thought to have led to life on Earth

Life on Earth is the consequence of what can only be characterized as cosmic teleportation, according to a group of scientists who just released a study. Humanity has long attempted to unravel the enigma of how life began on our planet. But what if we’re just here now because the cosmos is deceiving us? If […]

A miraculous baby Dinosaur embryo has been recently discovered in China

Scientists have discovered a beautifully preserved dinosaur embryo there in the process of hatching from its egg, precisely like a chicken. All birds are descended from theropods, a family of two-legged dinosaurs that includes the colossal Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as the minuscule Velociraptors. Dinosaurs of the same species are also known to have perched […]

Researchers perfectly trap 25,000 Dice in a Cylinder

This method, known as ‘compaction dynamics,’ has a wide range of applications in industry, and scientists have long explored the best methods to pack different granular materials using gravity. Dice, it turns out, are the greatest item you can pack, though in a somewhat unique manner. Non-spherical objects were used to test the compact dynamics. […]

A new Physics is on its way using the Large Hadron Collider

Introduction Scientists working at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) recently discovered some strange data that might indicate a completely new force of nature, opening up a whole new field of physics. According to the study idea, the key is indeed an enigmatic, unstable particle known as a B meson, which is not biodegradable. The standard […]

Transplantation of organs from animals into humans

Recently a pig kidney is transplanted into a human without any significant immediate rejection by the recipient’s system. The whole process was done at NYU Langone Health in New York City involving the use of a pig whose genes had been altered so that its tissues no longer contain a molecule responsible for triggering instant […]

Portable Nuclear Reactor

Nuclear Power not for destruction, this time – to power the world. While there is clamor around the Globe over the huge power requirement for Bitcoin farming and the colonies being set up to meet the future demands of having everything on blockchain technology, the new ways of generating power are also being thought of […]

The Brain-Mapping in animals regarding the 3-D Structures surprises the Researchers

Introduction The brain is a very complicated organ that is mainly composed of billions of neurons. Neurons communicate with and transmit signals to and from every area of your body. Electrical impulses generate brain waves, and these signals are electrical impulses. The brain map (also known as a neuro map) is a useful tool for […]

Japan successfully demonstrated Shockwaves as a propellant in rocket engines

A shock wave, like any other wave, contains energy and may travel through a medium, but it is distinguished by a sudden, almost discontinuous change in the medium’s pressure, temperature, and density. A shock wave is a powerful pressure wave generated from supersonic aircraft, explosions, lightning, and other events that cause rapid pressure changes in […]