Spacebok- The first four-legged robot set for the red planet

The robots of Mars, from the Sojourner rover, which arrived on the Red Planet in 1997, to Perseverance, which landed in February, have one thing in common: wheels. Rolling is significantly more steady and energy-efficient than walking, which is still a challenge for even the most advanced robots on Earth. After all, NASA doesn’t want […]

ISRO’s Spectacular Quantum Jump On Free-Space Communication

Lalit Koundaal Abstract Quantum Communication has attracted researchers from physics, mathematics & computer science since 1984 and 1991 when the first protocol for quantum cryptography came into existence. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) late last week (19 Mar 2021) went ahead in demonstrating free-space quantum communication over a distance of 300 meters. The demonstration took […]

What’s new in Black-Hole this month

Black holes are such dense points in space that produce deep sinks of gravity. Beyond a certain area, the mighty pull of the gravity of a black hole cannot escape even light. And when something goes too close, whether it be the star, earth, or spacecraft, is stretched and compressed as putty in a theoretical […]

NASA’s Rover PERSEVERANCE successfully landed on the red planet

-By Ayush Agarwal The recent reports have brought a moment of joy for the whole world as NASA’s Mars rover ‘Perseverance’ has succeeded in landing on Mars. This can be marked as a point from where the new phase of space research begins. A ray of hope which was not visible enough has been brought […]

UAE Hopeful about HOPE and Tianwen-1

-By Ayush Agrawal February 9, 2021, will be embarked as the most prominent chapter in UAE history for the immense valor displayed in the space mission to have their feet on planet Mars. Mission HOPE was the name given to this mars mission which was launched from Japan making UAE the fifth nation to break […]

The strong magnet of the universe is showing some peculiar never-seen activities

Introduction The universe is full of mysterious and fascinating challenges that scientists and researchers are trying to understand. Things like black holes, neutron stars, quasars, pulsars have been the cynosure of all eyes. Nearly everyone has heard or read about these cosmic beasts. It’s about time we start talking about a new less heard beast […]

Black Hole and Hawking’s Radiation

-By Monika Sachan A hole, something hollow with no matter inside but Black Hole, can be anything, not hollow. The black hole is an area or region in space-time where the matter is packed closely that results in a very strong gravitational pull. The black hole is black due to the fact that not even […]

In a mission to find the Lost Black Hole

-By Rohan Purohit Yes, you got it right; a black hole is missing from the center of the galaxy. This all started when NASA announced on its social media handles that a black hole found in the galaxy Abell 2261 is now missing completely. No telescope can found it and the situation is very concerning […]

Satellite Mega Constellation

-By Eniola Elizabeth Fase A satellite mega-constellations is referred to as a group of artificial satellites performing as a system. A constellation can give lasting worldwide or close to worldwide coverage, with the end goal that whenever wherever on Earth, in any event, one satellite is visible. Satellites are regularly positioned in arrangements of reciprocal […]