Machine learning guarantees robots’ performance in unknown territory

Summary: In the present world where we see engineers use and employ machine learning systems and methods for the development of robots that are adaptable, there is new work that is in progress about the robot’s performance and safety guarantees. This new work is especially for such robots that will have to operate in a […]

Do You Know How Narrow AI, General AI, and Super AI are Distinguished?

As you have read in the previous blog, AI is the “it” thing in the world at present times. This is a new technology that has the ability to fully re-define our future of this planet. There is so much information about artificial intelligence floating in the world right now. This massive amount of information […]

Go No Further To Understand The Basics of AI

-By Monika Sachan Understanding AI in simple terms! Artificial Intelligence refers to any machine that evinces attributes related to human intelligence such as problem-solving, performing given tasks, and learning. The major characteristics involve thinking, processing, and copying human actions. However, the ability to vindicate and take action accordingly to achieve a specific goal is one […]