Machine Learning Aims to assist in Mathematical Problem Solving

When looking for answers to a difficult problem, mathematicians frequently collaborate. It’s a type of freewheeling collaborative effort that appears to demand a distinctively human touch. However, in the two latest studies, a computer has partially supplanted the position of the human partner. The articles were finished just at end of November last year, and […]


Aman Kumar NASA’s next-generation space observatory, the James Webb Space Telescope, launched successfully after nearly two and a half decades of planning and preparation. The spacecraft was sent into orbit atop a European Ariane 5 rocket from Europe’s principal launch facility in French Guiana, South America. The launch of JWST into orbit took only 26 […]

The first-ever tiny self-reproducing robots: Xenobots

What are Xenobots? According to research published in the scientific magazine, Xenobots are indeed the world’s foremost self-reproducing living robots. They were initially presented in 2020 when studies discovered that they might migrate as well as join together. They are made from the stem cells of such an African-clawed frog. According to experts, Xenobots are […]

Devices for Extraction of Air-to-Water: All You Need to Learn

Water extraction from the air may seem magical. However, the technology is extremely real. If predictions of future water shortages are realized, it could be one of the far more significant developments of the previous several decades. Poor water management practices, expanding populations, geopolitical, and both natural and artificial changes in the environment are now […]

Folding Electric Bike is the new revolution

Wasim Raza Electric bikes combine pedal power with motor power, giving users unprecedented control over how they ride. City riders love electric bikes, which take the sweat out of commuting and errands, and foldable e-bikes are even better. Fold down your bike and tuck it neatly out of the way whenever you’re at home, on […]

Solving Nuclear Waste issue using Diamond batteries

The two most important problems to address in this world are waste management and the search for better energy sources. A solution to both of these problems is addressed through a single innovation by a California-based company called Nano Diamond Battery (NBD). That could lead us one step closer to the ever-coming sustainable future. The […]


ABSTRACT In the recent decade machine learning has become an integral part of the system, they can process and analyze large amounts of data in a matter of minutes which will take an eternity for humans. The compilation of data is so efficient and accurate that they have become an integral part of the whole […]