Spacebok- The first four-legged robot set for the red planet

The robots of Mars, from the Sojourner rover, which arrived on the Red Planet in 1997, to Perseverance, which landed in February, have one thing in common: wheels. Rolling is significantly more steady and energy-efficient than walking, which is still a challenge for even the most advanced robots on Earth. After all, NASA doesn’t want […]

Xenobots 2.0: A new generation of living robots

Wasim Raza From clumps of stem cells derived from the African clawed frog, these tiny living machines can be described as somewhere between a living organism and a robot. Last year, researchers at Tufts University and the University of Vermont (UVM) created self-healing frog cells that moved around, pushed a payload, and even behaved collectively […]

Mind-Writing: Brain-to-text communication via handwriting

Introduction Advancements in Artificial Intelligence made everything possible nowadays. The art of handwriting has gone through several advancements from ancient times to the modern age. This art is considered a great contributor in pushing the brain-computer interface field to the next level. Researchers have achieved a milestone in devising a system through which a person […]

Flash Ultra-high-dose Rate Radiation Therapy For Cancer

Radiotherapy is a foundation of both therapeutic and palliative cancer care. In any case, radiotherapy is seriously restricted by radiation-induced toxicities. In the event that these toxicities could be reduced, more doses of radiation could be given consequently encouraging a better tumor reaction. Initial pre-clinical examinations have shown that irradiation at dose rates far surpassing […]

Technologies that Could Enable Human Expeditions

Einstein’s General Relativity theory field equation state that faster-than-light (FTL) travel is feasible, so a small bunch of scientists is attempting to see whether a Star Trek-style warp drive or maybe a sort of artificial wormhole, could be made through our technology. However, regardless of if shown possible tomorrow, it’s feasible that plans for an […]

Graphene as Carbon-based Overcoats

Gaurav Kumar Introduction There is a rapid increase in the generation of daily data in our modern technological age where data is considered everything. In 2016, the annual data generation was about 16 ZB/year and in 2025, it is expected to be as much as 163 ZB/year. There are lots of devices that are being […]

Mind Reading Technologies: The next frontier of Neuroscience

Mridul Sinha Our brain has 100 trillion connections of 100 billion neurons joined together and processing billions of bits of data per second. All this is happening because of Gray matter in our skull that plays a pivotal role in how our body functions and has still many unknowns. An initiative such as the Human […]

Simple Robots, Smart Algorithms: Meet the BOBbots

Wasim Raza Anyone who has ever had a child knows that it is nearly impossible to control multiple children at once. Researchers have had difficulty getting swarms of robots to work together unless they carefully choreograph their interactions, like airplanes in formation, with increasingly sophisticated components and algorithms. With the robots on hand, however, basic, […]

Pixium Vision Develops A Bionic Vision System That Allows The Visually Impaired To See

Eniola Elizabeth Fase There are over 285 million people worldwide who suffer from vision problems. Everyone has cataracts by the age of 80, resulting in serious vision issues. However, every year introduces new advances in science and technology that enable us to combat these issues, and now, individuals with vision problems may have new hope. […]