Tor collaborates with a VPN firm to develop a novel browser that enhances privacy

Monika Sachan


Tor, the popular anonymous web browsing tool, has partnered with a VPN company to develop a new browser designed to enhance online privacy. The collaboration aims to provide users with increased protection against online tracking, monitoring, and censorship.

The new browser will leverage Tor’s existing network to anonymize users’ internet traffic, while the VPN service will provide an additional layer of security by encrypting all data sent and received through the browser. By combining these technologies, the new browser will offer a more robust privacy solution for individuals who are concerned about online surveillance and privacy violations.

The partnership is expected to benefit both companies, as the VPN company will gain access to Tor’s user base and benefit from the widespread adoption of the new browser, while Tor will be able to expand its reach and provide its users with a more comprehensive privacy solution.

This move comes at a time when internet users are becoming increasingly aware of the need to protect their online privacy. The new browser is expected to provide users with a more secure and private browsing experience, giving them greater control over their online activities and personal information.

Understanding the behind story :

Mullvad VPN was founded in 2009 with the goal of making censorship and mass surveillance impractical. The company has been working towards this goal by providing a VPN service of high quality. However, they believe that a VPN alone is not sufficient to achieve privacy. Thus, Mullvad VPN has partnered with the Tor Project to develop a privacy-focused browser that can enhance online privacy.

Jan Jonsson, CEO at Mullvad VPN, expresses concern about mass surveillance by both commercial entities and governments. He believes that a gap exists in the market for users who want a privacy-focused browser that incorporates a VPN rather than the Tor Network. The Mullvad Browser has been developed by Tor Project’s engineers with the aim of reducing tracking and fingerprinting. It is designed to allow all its users to appear as one, similar to the Tor Browser.

Mullvad VPN reached out to the Tor Project because they share the same values of human rights and online privacy. Mullvad Browser offers more privacy options to users, challenging the current business model of exploiting people’s behavioral data. The Tor Project is a nonprofit that advocates for human rights and defends online privacy by creating and deploying free, open-source anonymity and privacy technologies such as the Tor Browser, Onion Services, and Snowflake.

Isabela Fernandes, Executive Director of The Tor Project, says that developing the Mullvad browser is about providing people with more privacy options for everyday browsing and challenging the current business model of exploiting people’s behavioral data. The partnership demonstrates that free technology can be developed with mass appeal and privacy in mind.

The Mullvad Browser is available for free, and it is open source. Users can download it from and use it without Mullvad VPN, although the combination is recommended. The browser is available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux platforms. The goal of the partnership between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project is to drive change and raise awareness that digital rights are human rights, inspiring others to consider privacy a feature at the core of tech innovation.



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