The Paradox of Infinite Cloning and Banach-Tarski

Gaurav Kumar Introduction The strangest mathematical result in the paradox of infinite cloning is how we can turn a sphere into its own twin by repositioning its parts. Consider a situation where you and your friend are walking through the woods. You are hungry and decide to share an apple, but the part of the […]


Ayomide Esther Fase Artificial Intelligence (AI) can now solve a mathematical problem, making science simpler. According to the researchers, these partial differential equations PDEs will aid in our understanding of how nature works. Due to their difficulty, the majority of differential equations are difficult to solve. Partial differential equations can be used in modelling everything […]

Who won the 2021 Abel Prize – Mathematician’s Pride?

Lalit Koundaal The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters decided to confer the Abel Prize for 2021 upon László Lovász belonging to the Alfred Renyi Institute of Mathematics in Budapest, Hungary, and Avi Wigderson of the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, US. The winners will share the prize, worth 7.5 million Norwegian kroner (US$886,000). […]


Ayomide Esther Fase Matrices in mathematics are rectangular arrays of numbers, expressions, or symbols organized in columns and rows. For example, the matrix below is 3 × 2 pronounced as “three by two”, because there are three rows and two columns: The number of columns in the first matrix (A) must equal the number of […]

Unlocking the hidden patterns of Mathematics using AI: Ramanujan Machine

Whenever mathematics becomes a talking point, a famous name cannot be forgotten, Yes you are right Ramanujan the famous mathematician who shocked the world with his mathematic skills. He is often described as the king of conjectures as many unproven theorems were brought to life by his extra valuable efforts. Being born in a poor […]

Top 5 Mathematical constants that blow your mind

-By Yagnamurthi Pooja Introduction What if I say people of 21 century are still trying really hard to figure out the unsolved riddle of “Mathematical constants”. In 2010 a Japanese engineer and American Computer enthusiastically broke the record by calculating nearly 5 trillion pi digits. It turns out there are so many constants that are […]