Plasma Therapy To Treat COVID-19 Is Now “off label”

Removed from ICMR’s Official Clinical Guidance: COVID-19 pandemic shows no signs of receding and this makes the researchers carry on with their search for effective treatments. Among the few such effective treatments, Convalescent Plasma Therapy (CPT) was the first promising therapeutics considered to counter the wrath of COVID-19. What’s Plasma Therapy? In simple terms, when […]

Black Fungus-adding more darkness to the COVID-19 recovery path

Lalit Koundaal Not to undermine the fact that the fungi are important decomposers in the ecosystem, without fungi the decaying organic matter would accumulate. Nowadays the same fungi have become a challenge to dispense with.  Along with COVID-19, there is one more disease that is being talked about and this is Mucormycosis, popularly known as […]


Rohan Purohit When the world was going through the pandemic of smallpox in the 18th century in the whole of Europe it was first seen by Edward Jenner that milkman was not getting infected by smallpox disease even after exposure to the infection for a long time. By seeing this Edward Jenner thought that something […]

Tiny Antibodies Engineered by Researchers to Neutralize Covid-19

A small team of researchers worked towards immobilizing SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID, by utilizing an artificial version of tiny antibodies originally discovered in camels and llamas. Schoof, a renowned scientist who is a graduate student in the lab of Peter Walter, Ph.D. was a part of this team. Schoof specialized in protein […]


During this current scenario, where Covid has created great havoc, vaccines are like rays of hope. The government of India decided to give Approval to vaccines. After the approval of Oxford AstraZeneca in the UK and Britain and many other countries, India finally decides to use this vaccine for emergency cases.  DCGI of India has approved the Oxford […]

Pandemic that shook the whole world

Things You Should Know About Coronavirus Infection: Symptoms, Prevention, Risk, Vaccine If your immunity system is weak, or you have elderly and children in your home, or you don’t take care of your hygiene properly, you should read this complete article for every information that is associated with Coronavirus disease. So, that you can prevent […]

Ever wondered about how steroids are effective in Covid-19?

-By Monika Sachan Before knowing it’s, uses in Covid-19, let us know how helpful steroids are to reduce inflammation?  Steroids are known as hormones, which are a man-made version of chemicals and are naturally made in the human body. Steroids are designed to act like these hormones to reduce inflammation known as corticosteroids and are […]

All You Need to Know About the New Variant of Coronavirus

Meanwhile developing the vaccines for COVID-19, a few days back, a new variant of coronavirus has been identified in England. The widespread dissemination of a new form of coronavirus was blamed for the imposition of stringent tier four mixing laws for millions of individuals, tight Christmas limitations the UK, and the ban on travel. In […]