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Things You Should Know About Coronavirus Infection: Symptoms, Prevention, Risk, Vaccine


If your immunity system is weak, or you have elderly and children in your home, or you don’t take care of your hygiene properly, you should read this complete article for every information that is associated with Coronavirus disease. So, that you can prevent the coronavirus.

What Is Coronavirus?

It is a virus called coronavirus which is associated with our breathing and exhalation process. This virus invades our throat, respiratory tract, and lungs and starts to deactivate it very quickly.  Apart from this, this virus is more dangerous because it is also transmitted from person to person, surface, and air.

A person in the grip of this virus experiences symptoms like high fever as well as cough and shortness of breath.  In some cases, the patient suffers from diarrhea and vomiting. A person usually takes 14 – 18 days to recover from the coronavirus and is also a matter of concern because in an infected patient the symptoms begin to be visible when the corona has spread to the body.

What Are The Symptoms Of This Disease?


Symptoms of people suffering from the Coronavirus appear 2 to 14 days after its unveiling.  These symptoms are mostly benign and are generally ignored. Despite some people getting infected, they do not show any symptoms. These infections can occur even if there are no symptoms. Your body’s viral load can be similar to a person with severe symptoms. This means that you are at the risk of infection as much as a COVID-19 serious patient. 80 percent of people recover without any special treatment. If you have recently returned from traveling to the COVID-19 Containment Zone, then you as well as all those who have come in contact with you or your family. In such a situation, 14-21 days of self-quarantine (quarantine itself) is necessary.

The symptoms of people suffering from the Coronavirus are Fever, Fatigue, Dry Cough, Nasal ligament, Sore throat, Difficulty Breathing.

Precautions Of Coronavirus

Adopting social distance is most important to prevent coronavirus.  The exchange of viruses is not easily possible due to social distancing. In such a situation, maintain personal hygiene and physical distance.

It is very important to clean hands to avoid Corona. According to WHO, most of the viruses enter the body through hands, due to which people get many types of serious diseases. In such a situation, it is very important to clean the hands repeatedly with handwash, soap, or hand sanitizer to avoid coronavirus. Avoid touching the face and eyes with your hands. People often have a habit of touching their face repeatedly with their hands. In such a situation, the viruses present in the hands very easily enter the body through the mouth, nose, or eyes.  Change your habit today to avoid corona.

While sneezing and coughing, cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief or tissue. Also, throw the used tissue into a closed container immediately after use. Many times people use their hands while sneezing and coughing which is totally wrong.  In this case, the virus gets stuck in the hands.

To keep away from the virus, it is most important to keep the immune system strong. For this, you have to consume a healthy diet.  Immunity can be strengthened by incorporating nutritious food and yoga and exercise into your routine. As an immunity booster, you can use fruits, nuts, turmeric milk, decoction, and sour things.

Corona can also be avoided by wearing the mask essentially.  The mask not only prevents viral infections but also protects against pollution. Wearing a mask makes it difficult for the virus to enter the body through the nose and mouth. Apart from this, it is easy to escape from the dirt outside.

Coronavirus Effect Which Part Of Human Body

First Attack Of Covid -19

The name of coronavirus is SARS COV-2. Incubation of the virus is the period between infection and symptoms. This is the time when the virus accumulates in the human body.  After entering the body, the coronavirus can cause trouble in human breathing. The first attack of the coronavirus occurs on the cells around your throat.

Second Attack Of Covid-19

The coronavirus then attacks the patient’s windpipe and lungs. Coronavirus infects the remaining cells. In the initial stages, a patient infected with corona does not feel ill. In some people, symptoms of coronavirus infection start appearing. The incubation period of the Covid 19 virus can also vary among people.

Coronavirus Effects The Lungs

The reason for the symptoms of cough and fever in patients suffering from the corona is that the infection of the virus reaches the respiratory system. The respiratory system helps in bringing the outside air to the lungs and throwing out the dirty air. Infection of the virus causes inflammation in the respiratory tract, which affects the nerves. Corona-infected patients may also cough with small particles of dust.  If the corona patient has more trouble in the respiratory system, the infection reaches the gas conversion system. On reaching the infection in the gas conversion system, the air sac is affected, which is below the lungs.

Death Due To Corona

When the infection reaches the air, a fluid or swollen nerve reaches the lungs, causing the patient to develop pneumonia. Due to swelling in the lungs, the patient does not get enough oxygen and the lungs cannot reach the blood. After this, our body cannot take oxygen and leave carbon dioxide out.  In this condition, the patient dies of pneumonia.

Fight With Corona

Due to coronavirus infection, the balance of the immune system of the body deteriorates and swelling starts to appear. Our immunity works more than necessary to eliminate the virus, due to which the body becomes inflamed and the lung’s ability to function is affected. The patient suffering from the corona is put on a ventilator and they are given more oxygen so that the lungs of the patient start functioning normally.

Corona Effect Other Parts

It is not the case that the coronavirus infection affects only the lungs. According to WHO that the coronavirus also attacks the heart, kidney, intestine, and liver and damages them. Viral pneumonia caused by the coronavirus carries the risk of another infection in the patient, so patients are given anti-biotic.

Vaccine Updates in India

The central government has come up with a plan to eradicate the coronavirus in the country and soon people will start getting vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. The first consignment of Corona Vaccine in India is scheduled to arrive in Delhi on 28 December. Let us know that four different companies are preparing the Corona vaccine in the country. A few days ago PM Narendra Modi said that soon the Corona vaccine will be given in the country.

A digital platform named Co-WIN has been created which will allow real-time monitoring of Covid-19 vaccine delivery.  Its mobile app has also been developed.  Harshvardhan said, “Co-WIN has been developed as a platform where the vaccine will be tracked along with its temperature. It will also keep the details of the potential beneficiary until he gets another dose and generates a certificate.”


A similar threat was introduced by the SARS virus about 18 years ago. More than 700 people died due to SARS in the year 2002-03. Thousands of people around the world were infected with it. It also had an impact on economic activities. There has not yet been such evidence about the coronavirus that the coronavirus is transmitted by parcels, bait, or food. Viruses such as coronavirus cannot survive much longer outside the body.

A different discomfort has arisen in people carrying coronavirus. Medical stores lack masks and sanitizers, as people are increasingly rushing to buy them.

Based on information obtained from the World Health Organization, Public Health England, and the National Health Service (NHS), we are giving you ways to prevent coronavirus.

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