How To Make Your Phone Last Longer

If you have a small and handy smartphone that you want to last as long as possible, it is essential to know how to look after it. If you lack care for your phone, of course, it isn’t going to last as long as hoped it would.

Use these tips to ensure you get the most out of your mobile and avoid needing to buy a new one sooner than you hoped to.

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Know how to fix small problems

As a phone owner, it is useful to know how to fix small issues so you don’t give up and buy a new one. 

For instance, if you have dropped your phone in water and are wondering, how do I fix my speaker? The first thing you need to do is check if there is water damage. If there is, you will need to dry it out to prevent the damage from getting worse. Add it to a bowl of rice or a warm cupboard. You can also use specific sounds to eject water from the phone. Don’t panic when your phone gets wet, as there is always a solution to fix it and ensure your speakers always work.

If you cannot fix the issue, take it to a phone specialist and pay them a small fee to fix it. A small fee and being able to keep your phone is better than paying more for a new phone.

Avoid it overheating

Although your phone will not combust on you when it overheats it will certainly hinder its longevity. Therefore, it is important to avoid overheating your phone.

Two ways you’re fine can overheat is if you leave it in a hot temperature such as in the burning sun or, if you use it for too long. Therefore, try to avoid using it for an extended period of time and keep it out of hot temperatures to ensure it lasts longer.

Stop charging it all the time (avoid 0% and 100%)

Another simple way to make your phone last as long as possible is to avoid charging it all the time. 

If you charge your phone when it gets to 50 or 70% there is really no point. You should use it until it reduces to around 20 or 10% and then charge it. Avoid your phone hitting a zero or 100% as this can hinder the longevity of your phone.

Use the phone’s battery saver mode

Many new smartphones have a battery saver mode which you should use in order to elongate the lifespan of your phone.

This sometimes automatically switches on when your phone is getting low in power so enable this feature to ensure that your phone can stay on as long as possible and last as many years as you would like it to.

Invest in a good case and screen protector

Whether your phone costs a lot of money or not it is important to invest in a good case and screen protector as it will ensure that if you drop it it will not become damaged and break. 


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