Mastering Outsourced Division Management

In the grand circus of entrepreneurship, juggling your core responsibilities with managing outsourced divisions can often feel like an attempt to herd cats. Yet, many business owners find themselves in the ring, top hat in hand, trying to keep those feline-esque divisions from turning the show into a comedy of errors.

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Understanding Your Cast of Characters

Before you can effectively manage your outsourced divisions, you need to understand who you’re working with. Remember, service providers operate at the same pace. Each outsourced division, be it marketing, customer support, or IT, has its own quirks and characteristics. 

Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate Some More

Your outsourced teams won’t be able to read your mind (as much as we wish they could). Establish clear, open lines of communication. Regular meetings, detailed emails, and the occasional motivational cat meme can do wonders. Yes, even the freelancers in remote locations appreciate a good laugh—or so we’ve been told.

The Fine Art of Delegation

Delegating tasks to someone you can’t see from your office window can feel like sending a paper airplane into a hurricane and hoping it’ll land on the CEO’s desk. Be specific about what you want but also realistic about what can be done remotely. It’s important to trust but verify. Set milestones and use project management tools to keep track of progress. Think of it as a digital leash—long enough for freedom, short enough to maintain control.

Cultivating a Culture of Inclusion

Just because your graphic designer is 8,000 miles away and works while you sleep doesn’t mean they should feel like an outsider. Foster a culture where outsourced staff feels as much a part of the team as your in-house employees. Invite them to company events, even if it’s via a live stream. Celebrate their successes and include them in team rewards. 

Payroll Outsourcing: The Magic Trick of HR

One particularly nifty trick in the entrepreneur’s hat is payroll outsourcing. It’s not just about sending money; it’s about creating a seamless financial relationship that builds trust. Ensuring that everyone gets paid on time, every time, without you having to lift more than a finger to click “approve” can feel quite magical. After all, nothing sours a relationship faster than a missed paycheck. This is where choosing the right payroll outsourcing partner can mean the difference between a functioning team and a total mess.

Regular Check-Ins: The Pulse of Your Operations

Regular check-ins with your outsourced teams can tell you how your projects are progressing. Use these sessions not just to review work but also to discuss any issues openly. It’s your chance to adjust strategies, realign expectations, and keep everyone engaged. Think of it as a catnip for productivity.

When Things Go Wrong

No matter how well you plan, something will inevitably go wrong. An outsourced project can sometimes go awry. Have a contingency plan. Know who to call, what steps to take, and how to communicate issues without causing panic. Remember, it’s not just about fixing the problem; it’s about learning from the mishap to prevent future ones.

In conclusion, managing outsourced divisions is an art form, requiring a mix of patience, strategy, and humor. By understanding the unique dynamics of your teams, maintaining open communication, and creating an inclusive culture, you can ensure that your business thrives. And remember, at the end of the day, every cat herder deserves a nap!


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