Tactics Businesses Can Incorporate To Help Physical Workers Recover

Monika Sachan

When it comes to health in the workplace, we think so much about the sedentary parts of working we don’t pay attention to the physical aspects. There are many professionals who have physically demanding jobs, from construction workers to truck drivers that undertake long-haul journeys. This is why it is important that, in terms of business, we help our employees working in physical roles to look after themselves. What are the best ways to do these things? 

Incorporating Adequate Rest Into the Working Day

This is embedded into roles such as truck driving. However, there are many truck drivers who feel they need to forgo breaks in order to make a shipment on time. This is where things get messy; accidents can be caused, and a truck accident lawyer may get involved in the situation. This is why proper rest should be incorporated into the working day. 

In order for workers to rest properly, they need somewhere that does not stimulate them. This can mean taking time away and depriving them of their senses. An eye mask, ear plugs, and allowing them that proper time to “power down” can make a massive difference. 

Understanding the Physiological Nature of the Job

When we are in a physically demanding role, we can neglect our physicality, which is critical, especially when it comes to lifting heavy items. Exercise plays a big part in this, but we also need to help people move with proper form. Lifting heavy items over their heads is going to cause issues with the back and shoulders if they don’t do it properly. Lifting with proper form is a very simple thing that can make a massive difference. 

Additionally, incorporating more flexibility could get to the root of certain problems. This is where apps like StretchIt can help workers become more aware of their inflexibility. In fact, regular stretching has been shown to improve flexibility and strengthen the muscles. 

Define Self-Care With Broader Strokes

Self-care for physical workers can seem like a contradiction, but looking after ourselves when conducting physical roles can make a significant impact on our ability to recover. The scientist Andy Galpin has a great YouTube channel on exercise in general and is very big on the idea of learning to calm down after any form of exertion. When you think about it physiologically, we are putting ourselves under a lot of stress and strain, so having that opportunity to decompress properly will make a massive difference here. 

Additionally, we must learn how to listen to our bodies. One of the most pivotal aspects of self-care is learning to recognize when what you’re doing is adversely impacting your recovery. In businesses like construction firms, the physical nature of the role can overtake any sense of self-recovery. When we learn how to recover better, not just by utilizing some of the best tools for recovery but also looking at self-care, physical workers can bounce back much better. Perhaps it’s time to start treating physical workers like they are athletes.


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