Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO)

The defence procurement manual 2020

As of today when the country is looking for self-reliance in various defence Technology so our Defence Minister, Mr Rajnath Singh has come up with the new version of Defence procurement manual 2020, On October 20, 2020, as according to him it is the perfect time to take this step. The market is too vast to explore and the government is targeting to increase its exports and defence production to USD $26 billion by 2025. Now the organisation has been involved with the simplification of procedures and internal restructuring in order to empower the Director-General and various project directors through the effective government mechanism so that fast decision-making capabilities can occur for promoting quicker execution of projects.

By placing 108 subsystems/ technologies in the portal for creating various opportunities for the private Industries mainly MSME and various startups to become the part of DRDO industry base that consists of various PSU’s, large scale industries, and more than 1800 MSME’s, this document has come up to go further by helping them in developing various indigenous technologies. With the adoption of the concept of “My brain Your Hands,” DRDO invites various academic institutes to join hands with the major industries of India like Mahindra and Mahindra, Reliance, Tata Godrej who are investing a lot towards research and development in order to enhance the manufacturing capability of the nation. In order to boost the manufacturing base of domestic defence the government also released a list of weapons that are banned to import over the next few years that helps the local manufacturing unit to capture the market worth around USD $ 53 billion that is the main step towards aatmnirbhar Bharat.

Projects under DRDO


The ongoing light combat aircraft project is under the responsibility of DRDO. The LCA is intended to provide the Indian Airforce with fly by wire, multi-role fighter, and contributed a lot towards the development of the Aviation industry in India. With the help of this program that DRDO has been progressed a lot towards the field of avionics, flight control system, aircraft propulsion, and various composite structures and also for the design and development of the aircraft industry.

Unmanned aerial vehicles

Under this project, two aerial vehicles namely the Nishant tactical UAV and the Lakshya pilotless target aircraft (PTA) have been developed by DRDO. For gunnery target training programs the Lakshya PTA has been ordered by all three services. DRDO also made an effort to develop the PTA with a Turbojet engine and digital flight control system. Another hand the Nishanth is is a hydraulically launched short-range UAV that is helpful for the tactical battlefield area.


Aeronautical Development Establishment of DRDO has built DRDO Abhyas for Indian armed forces which is a high-speed Expendable aerial target. The fuselage consists of five sections that are equipment bay, the nose cone, the air intake bay, the fuel tank bay, and the tail cone. It has been augmented to simulate various aircraft for Air defence weapon practices by using radar cross-section and infrared signature. On 22nd September 2020 the successful flight test of Abhyas conducted by DRDO from Integrated Test Range(ITR) Balasore in Odisha.


Lakshya is the system developed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment of DRDO which is an Indian remotely piloted high-speed target drone. The discrete aerial reconnaissance of battlefield and target acquisition has been performed by variant Lakshya 1. On 27 January 2012, the advanced version of pilotless target aircraft Lakshya 2 tested successfully at the integrated test range. In September 1999 the Indian Air Force has received the aircraft while on the other hand in November 2000 in Navy was scheduled to receive its first delivery.


This system is also developed by the Aeronautical Development Establishment of DRDO for Indian armed forces whose primary task is to gather intelligence over enemy territory and also for training, reconnaissance, target designation, damage assessment.


It is medium altitude long endurance and named their vehicle developed by DRDO for Indian Army Indian Airforce Indian Navy. It is developed under the leadership of Let professor Rustam the Manya in the year 1980 and hence and has been named after him. In Association with the production agency e development partner, the Indian government has allowed the development of the Rustom MALE UAV project.

Indigenisation efforts

For the key defence store and equipment for the indigenization, DRDO has been made responsible. Vidya indigenization of spares and assemblies for various aircrafts DRDO has resisted Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. With the coordination with various academic institutes like ISRO and CSIR DRDO Laboratories have worked with them in order to provide various services to Indian Air Force.


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