The CO2 battery demonstrator in Sardinia, Italy

A simple yet reliable process for energy storage and making Carbon-dioxide batteries is nearer

The part of Carbon dioxide for heating the planet is nothing new and every country is trying to find a solution for effectively capturing CO2 and storing it. For combating the increase in temperature due to CO2, many technologies are coming.

A startup Energydome come up with a simple yet reliable process for storing CO2 and making batteries that are 50% cheaper than lithium-based batteries.

Technology in short:

The company founder and CEO of the company in conversation with Bloomberg said that at normal temperature and pressure which is stored in domes carbon dioxide is converted into liquid form using compression. The charging process is basically the heat generated during compression and this power is supplied whenever needed by heating the liquid CO2. This liquid CO2 converts into gas and passes through a turbine to make electricity. This is a closed-loop system meaning no CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

As of now, storage capacity is not revealed by the company but they are working on a 20-200 MWh full-scale plant. This plant is expected to be fully operational till the end of next year i.e. 2023.

According to them, implementation of this technology is possible anywhere easily as it does not require any rare-earth elements like lithium or cobalt instead steel and water are used.

This whole thermodynamic process of compressing, storing, and making gas again is useful in making the CO2 Battery, a long-duration and large-scale energy storage system. Manipulation of CO2 under different state conditions in a closed thermodynamic transformation is the main key.



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