Japan Will Be The First Country To Send Satellite Space Made Of Wood, Read What The Whole Plan Is

The satellite made of wood
Source: bbc.com and SUMITOMO FORESTRY

According to the US space agency NASA, more than 5 million debris orbits our planet. Many of these are moving at a fast pace, causing damage to our satellites or spacecraft.  The debris will also threaten the International Space Station. Kyoto University and construction company Sumitomo Forestry in Japan are working together to solve this problem by 2023.

According to Takao Doi, a Japanese astronaut, and university professor, this is a concern. They say that when they return to Earth the satellites will burn and their debris has been hovering in the atmosphere for years.  It affects the environment. According to NASA, these fragments can reach speeds of up to 17,500 mph.

Now preparations are being made to send such satellites to space which will be made of wood. At the time of entering the earth, it will burn completely, so that no debris will be prepared and space will be safe.  Japan is working on this new satellite.

How To Make A Satellite With Wood?

Japan has been researching this for a long time. There is a plan to make such a satellite that does not create much debris and does not accumulate much waste in space. To prepare it, research is being done on such wood which is affected by the changes in temperature and the resistance of the sun. This is the first such a unique project. If Japan is successful in preparing it, then this technique can be useful for the whole world.

 Why Is It Needed?

Increasing day-to-day garbage in space can become a threat.  According to the US Space Agency NASA, more than 5 million pieces of debris are circling our Earth. Many of them are moving fast. Many experts have also believed that this can also threaten the international special station.

What Will Be The Benefit?

To solve this problem, Japan has started working on satellites made of wood. They are resistant to temperature changes and sunlight.  This is the first such project. For this, the tree is tested in adverse conditions of the earth. If they enter the earth, they will burn completely and there will be no debris.

How Dangerous Is The Space Debris?

Japan’s Kyoto University and construction company Sumitomo Forestry will research it for two years and will try to solve this problem by the year 2023. Under this work is being done on wooden satellite.  Japan’s Astronaut and University Professor Takao Doi also believe that this is a big problem.

Many satellites around the world return to Earth from space, while returning back to Earth, they burn, their debris keeps circulating in the atmosphere, which is now posing a big threat. These pieces achieve speeds of up to 17,500 miles per hour.  It can be judged that how much debris rising in space can be dangerous.


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