Introduction of Microsoft’s Cloud PCs- Window 365

Wasim Raza

Microsoft is moving Windows to the cloud. Business users will be able to access Cloud PCs through the Windows 365 service, streaming versions of Windows 10 and Windows 11 through the web. While virtualization and remote access to PCs have existed for more than a decade, Windows 365 is designed to offer Cloud PCs to businesses as they increase their use of office and remote environments.

Microsoft has been working on Windows 365 for years, even if it might seem like a perfect solution for businesses dealing with remote work. Microsoft’s operating systems group had been working on a cloud-based video game streaming service, codenamed “Arcadia”. Windows 365 was made consumer-friendly through this early virtualization work.

Windows 365 offers three key benefits to allowing organizations to be more confident in their IT systems: versatility, simplicity, and security.

Powerful: A user from anywhere in the world can access all their applications, tools, data, and settings from their personal Cloud PC instant on. Cloud-based Windows 365 offers full PC functionality. As a result, IT can scale up or down based on their needs in the cloud, enabling them to make adjustments to processing power and storage as needed. The Cloud PC that best suits an organization’s needs will be available with per-user per-month pricing in 2021 with either Windows 10 or Windows 11 (once it is generally available).

Simple: A Cloud PC provides users with a simple and familiar Windows experience delivered by the cloud, letting them pick up where they left off across devices. Unlike other solutions, Windows 365 eliminates the need to have virtualization expertise for deployment, updates, and management. Using Windows 365 Endpoint, IT can easily obtain, deploy, and manage Cloud PCs depending on company needs just as they would manage physical PCs through Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Secure:Security is built-in to Windows 365, which leverages the cloud and Zero Trust principles. The cloud is used to store the data, not the device. With Windows 365, security is always up-to-date, built upon the robust capabilities of Microsoft, and recommended security settings are tailored to the environment.


The general availability of Windows 365 for businesses of all sizes will occur on Aug. 2, 2021. You can learn more about Windows 365 at Microsoft’s official website.
Pandemic intensified Microsoft’s focus on hybrid work and Windows 365 development.

Throughout the years, Microsoft has continuously improved Microsoft Teams and vision for how meetings, remote work, and more will be handled in the future.

In the future, Microsoft might bring more powerful PC computing to consumers directly in the browser, even though Windows 365 is currently only for businesses.



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